Judge imposes construction freeze on Evides after architect protest

Water company Evides is not allowed to start with the new construction of the head office on the Schaardijk site in Rotterdam for the time being. Wim Quist, the architect of the original design, was not consulted for the new plans. That design is affected with construction. Evides has six months to consult with the architect.

Quist designed the Rotterdam Drinking Water Supply (DWL) complex, which was taken into use in 1977. In 2013, the location was also named monument worthy.

Evides wants to build a new head office on the site. The water company did not consult with the architect, because it concerns new construction. However, Quist believes that these plans are at the expense of his design, specifically the so-called Services Building. That is why he went to court. In the ruling, the latter ruled that the new design of the connection between the two buildings ‘is an unauthorized modification of Quist’s work’.

For the time being, Evides is not allowed to tamper with the Services Building for six months. This does not only mean that demolition cannot start. No new construction may be started around that building. If Evides does, it risks a fine, which can amount to a maximum of 250 thousand euros. Evides also has to pay all Quist’s legal costs, estimated at 25 thousand euros.

Evides is forced by the ruling to sit down with Quist. He can go to court again after six months if he does not agree with the outcome of the consultation.