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The name of Vicente Fernández continues to be a national trend and this time it is not because of the recent premiere of the bioseries, in its second season, projected on the Las Estrellas channel and produced by Televisa Univision, but because of new information.

A few hours ago, Javier Poza announced on his program on Radio Formula that the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) has issued an order to withdraw from the market and national circulation all copies of the book El Último Rey, by the author Olga Wornat, which is based on the life of Vicente Fernández in an unauthorized way and that Editorial Planeta will now have to remove.

“Today I am able to inform you about this matter, first-hand I have this information that indicates that the IMPI, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, ordered Editorial Planeta to withdraw from circulation all the books of The Last King, the biography unauthorized by Vicente Fernández, written by Olga Wornat, due to issues of copyright and brand use, solely and exclusively, referring to the cover, where a photo of Vicente Fernández appears and the use of his name”, Poza mentioned.

It is important to emphasize that on the cover of the book that has been one of the best sellers in Mexico, some Latin American countries, including the United States, El Charro de Huentitán appears in a black suit and with a microphone in his hand while singing, as well as There is a legend in small white letters that says “Unauthorized biography of Vicente Fernández”, this being the main reason and not something related to the content of the journalistic investigation, as has been speculated on social networks.

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“Nothing, absolutely nothing, I want to be very punctual with this, nothing to do with the content of the book, just as in March of this year the Fernández family’s lawyer told us in this space, that he was working on the possibility of also to demand this matter from Planet, well it seems that it is already a reality”, added the communicator.

Regarding any possible reaction on the part of the journalist and writer or the publisher itself, Poza anticipated that she will remain completely discreet and the publisher will seek a prompt solution, but the response of the Fernanández dynasty is different, as he informed her that for the time being He will not give interviews, although they are contemplating creating a new statement talking about the decision of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property and possibly the start of the second season of the unauthorized bioseries The Last King: Path to Success.

I also know that Editorial Planeta has sought protection to prevent the withdrawal of the books. For our part, we look for the publisher but the answer is that so far there are no comments from their legal department; They have indications not to give statements regarding this issue, interviews with the media, they tell me that they are in meetings. For her part, the journalist Olga Wornat remains on the sidelines of this issue, as an author, since it is a matter that does not concern her and she asks us to wait until she meets with the people from her editorial to talk about it”, Javier Poza added.

With a second installment on the air and the official trailer of the Netflix version that had all the authorization of Vicente Fernández before he died, television critics and fans of the singer do not see Televisa Univision as having much success with said project. since the rush of its creation and the controversies have made it clear that on this occasion the San Ángel television station lost more than it could have gained by maintaining a good relationship with the family.

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