Jürgen Jankofsky combines good music with literature in Merseburg and rocks the “Oelgrube”

Merseburg / MZ – Beatles, Stones, The Doors, Muddy Waters and countless more. “You have changed the world with your music,” says writer Jürgen Jankofsky, who is knowledgeable about music. He once belonged to bands like “ad libitum” and “Leuna II” and co-founded “Zakk Set”. In the 60s and 70s he was touring with these bands almost every weekend.

From rocker to writer

As a teenager, the now 68-year-old initially slipped into a band as a substitute for the bassist, which at that time had its rehearsal room in Merseburg’s Josefsheim. After completing his training as a “music specialist”, as he says with a smile, he was on the road as a professional musician from 1976 and showed his electric bass more than just the world of Merseburg and Leuna.

“Until about 1982/83. Then I stopped being a rocker and became a writer. ”He also talks about this in his new book entitled“ Session – 111 Gigs Worldwide ”, which was written during the Corona lockdown. “I couldn’t leave, so I wrote myself out into the world and traveled in my mind.”

Jürgen Jankofsky as a bass player in GDR times.

(Photo: Jankofsky)

Jürgen Jankofsky combines good music with literature

Some of these gigs, as musicians call their performances, actually existed, others are fictional. In any case, a great song goes with every story, most of which he played himself in the past. That is why he recommends listening to the corresponding pieces of music that he refers to in his texts right at the beginning of his book. “Some young people would be astonished that there were some riffs – short motifs – that are familiar to them today,” says Jankofsky.

The new book by Jürgen Jankofsky "Session - 111 gigs worldwide"
The new book by Jürgen Jankofsky “Session – 111 gigs worldwide”

Undine Freyberg

On Saturday, Janko, as everyone calls him, will be a rocker again at the start of the Landesliteraturtage. Because in the “Oelgrube” he will not only read from his book, but also unplugged with the musician Paul Bartsch. “I even practiced a little more for that,” smiles the writer. Bartsch & Band will also play songs from their current CD.

Jankofsky: “And if someone is in the mood for a jam session – no problem.” October 30th, 8 pm, book premiere with music in the “Oelgrube”. Tickets via, orders to [email protected] or by phone at 03461/35 27 67. 3G applies and please bring your mask.