‘Just the two of us’: the true communication between parents and children – Music with soul

Insights of March. Saint Joseph. Spring that comes and approaches. Fallas that burn and look at other times of antiquity when people burned the remnants of last year and winter autumn. Elimination of the useless thinking: “New season, new life.” Separation between the old and the new to give each moment its own.

Saint Joseph. Father’s day. Explosion of gifts to parents for children and adults, but with a filial heart without losing that old childhood dream that passed, but will not return. And a lot of literature from parents to children and vice versa, like a lot of pop music of all styles, in this same sense. And if not ask Will Smith and his ‘Just the two of us’ -‘Just the two of us’-. The song comes from 1998, from his fourth album, ‘Big Willie Style’, that would be cooked the year before.

However, it brings school because it is based on the original theme of this same title and native of singer-songwriters Bill Whiters and Grover Washington Jr. The difference in years is abysmal since the original theme came to light in 1981, 17 years earlier. They give it a romantic sense, but Will Smith offers you a total sense of father and son unity.

A deep analysis

The letter starts with an exclamation of the child seeing his father and reminding him that it is a very sensitive issue because now he is protected, but one day he will make sure that no one bothers his predecessor. Follow the entire task of the father who cradles the baby to sleep. He takes her in the cart and feels a heart melt for his little one. How he feels weak on many occasions, he even asks God to be a proper and proper father who rises to the occasion..

The official video clip shows the son playing with the father and, next to him, father who are with their children to promote family unity. All this gives him various awards. Probably because Smith’s wife and his brothers appear. A tribute to parents and family in general.