PS regional councilor François Kalfon said today he was in favor of SudRadio for the presence of "Vests Jaunes" on the socialist list in the European elections of May 2019. "Yes, it will take" yellow vests "on the socialist list at Europeans! "Said Mr Kalfon.

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Asked about the possible candidacy at the top of the list of Ségolène Royal, François Kalfon, support of Luc Carvounas for the Congress of Aubervilliers, was as he said favorable to this option. This application is "useful to the left" because the former Minister of Ecology "is the first to advocate positive membership ecology against punitive ecology. And it is the incarnation of the fusion between democratic socialism and ecology, "he said.

François Kalfon wants a "list of broad gathering" to Europeans, and criticizes the "logics shopkeepers and partisans" who "prevent the left to advance and to be at the height of a democratic and social expectation". In his viewfinder, the former socialist Benoît Hamon, the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the MEP EELV Yannick Jadot, who "prefers solitude to the union". The Socialists have not yet unveiled the list of their candidates, unlike EELV and insubordinate France.

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