In his opinion, the court has also pointed out that the state does not have an orderly system and it is very fragmented, ie some part of benefits is paid by the state, some part by local governments. The Prime Minister emphasized that the Minister of Welfare Ramona Petraviča (KPV LV) has “a fantastic opportunity to put the system in order”. Kariņš pointed out that the minister is currently waiting for the government to come to the government and present the proposals.

“I think we will be able to put this system in order. If you look, this government has overhauled financial supervision and we received a good credit rating. We also achieved the implementation of the Administrative Territorial Reform. The GMI level will also be part of the reforms,” ​​said Kariņš.

He also expressed confidence that the government would support the minister’s proposal and allocate financial resources to put the system in order.

LETA has already reported that ST has acknowledged that the guaranteed minimum income level does not comply with the Satversme.

The Court concluded that the legislator had not decided on the most important issues related to GMI, including what basic needs it was paid for, nor had a method been developed for determining the level of GMI.

Taking into account economic factors and other considerations, ST decided that the impugned norm should be declared invalid as of January 1, 2021.


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