Karla spoke about Gustavo Petro, ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez and Rodolfo Hernández

Karla Rodríguez, better known as ‘Karla’ in ‘Desafío’, was eliminated from the Canal Caracol program, where she exposed not only her ability but also her good sense of humor by imitating her colleagues.

The young woman gave a new demonstration of this feature after her departure from the competition, amid the comments that fans made about her on social networks.

For this reason, just as some celebrities have expressed their opinion about their positions against the presidential candidates, “Karla” joked by imagining herself in competition with them.

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‘Challenge’: ‘Karla’ spoke about Gustavo Petro, ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez and Rodolfo Hernández

The recently eliminated “Challenge” took advantage of her personal Instagram account to share an opinion in which, in a humorous tone, she ruled out three of the presidential candidates and imagined herself in that electoral dispute.

“What lexicon and intelligence when speaking of ‘Karla’. Everyone to vote for ‘Karla’ president”, affirmed a user, to which she replied: “Neither ‘Fico’, nor Petro, nor Rodolfo. The change is here”, she then added laughing emojis in order to emphasize that it was part of a joke on the subject.

This striking comment is added to other moments of relaxation in the dispute between the candidates for the presidency of Colombia, such as when Petro and ‘Fico’ looked into each other’s eyes to throw compliments.

This was the publication with which the 25-year-old woman from Bogota joked about the presidential elections on May 29, in which a user nominated her as a possible candidate.

Instagram @_karlarodriguezr
Instagram @_karlarodriguezr

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