Kate Middleton exposes everything in a white lace mini dress

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Kate Middleton perhaps it is the word elegance made person. The Duchess of Cambridge, wife of the prince William, has enchanted since its first appearance next to the heir to the throne when they announced their courtship.

Almost ten years after her wedding to William, Kate has traveled the world, leaving millions of people in love with their choices in terms of fashion, wasting style and elegance without losing that touch of freshness that makes it so close with its followers.

Kate Middleton liked sensual outfits

His wardrobe was not always the most elegant. In a photo shared by the Instagram account @c_thefirst__ofukofgreatbritain, you can see a young woman Kate Middleton arriving at his London apartment, before marrying William, sporting a revealing white lace mini dress.

He decided to combine the daring piece of clothing with some High boots that almost reached the knee, giving a sensual touch to the overall outfit, something that today would be almost prohibited due to the strict dress rules and protocol that Queen Elizabeth maintains for the members of her family.

It is not the first time that royals have observed the sexy side of Kate but in recent years, the duchess has remained sober and classic, away from any controversy that may arise from her way of dressing.

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