Kawhi Leonard's former agent sues for commissions


The former agent for San Antonio Spurs striker Kawhi Leonard filed a lawsuit on Monday in a federal court in Florida and sued his former agency for alleged restraint on commissions he owed the $ 94.3 million contract he negotiated for Leonard in 2015.

NBA agent Brian Elfus sues Impact Sports Basketball LLC, its owner Mitchell Frankel, Impact – a Sports Management Corp. and the company that has bought the entire Impact Sports Agencies in 2016, J & S Sports Funding LLC, and its affiliates. Elfus is pursuing up to $ 5 million in damages against Impact Sports Basketball, Impact, J & S and its affiliates for allegedly not paying him royalties from Leonard and other customers.

Leonard hired Elfus in 2011 when he left San Diego State for the NBA draft. Elfus completed a $ 8.3 million four-year rookie Spurs deal before negotiating a $ 94.3 million five-year contract in 2015 for Leonard. Elfus represented Leonard until 2016.

The lawsuit alleges that Frankel, Impact Sports Basketball, Impact, and the owners of J & J billionaire Jeff Sutton and his son Joseph Sutton collected all the fees and never passed the corresponding fees to Elfus.


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