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It is 15 years since the popular trio “Destiny’s Child” threw in the towel, after taking the world by storm with hit songs such as “Say my Name” and “Survivor”.

The star trio, which consisted of Beyoncé Knowles (39), Kelly Rowland (40) and Michelle Williams (41), sold more than 60 million records worldwide, and has been ranked by Billboard as one of the greatest musical trios of all time.

Brutally honest about the Beyoncé era

The three artists have kept their close friendship, which really came to the fore when Rowland visited the TV show “PEOPLE (The TV-Show)” recently.

In January, she and her husband Tim Weatherspoon had their second child, Noah Jon Weatherspoon, and during the interview, the TV host confronted the artist with a rumor that she gave birth to Zoom:

– Yes I did. We had the family at Zoom. They lay at my head on a small table and could see Noah being born. It was beautiful, says Rowland.

Among those who got to observe the beautiful moment were of course Beyoncé and Michelle, or as Rowland describes them: “my sisters”.

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Completely raw aunts

The mother of two is full of praise for her sisters. She describes them as completely raw aunts, and that they hurried to meet the newborn Noah face to face.

- The baby is much better now

– The baby is much better now

Rowland has previously said how much she values ​​her friendship with “Destiny’s Child” members.

In February, she opened up about the touching moment when Knowles and Williams met the then four-week-old Noah for the first time.

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-The girls were literally here just now, and when they met the baby it was as if part of my heart just kunne being able to share this with Michelle and Bey is really a gift, she told Entertainment Tonight.

Rowland and her husband already have a son, Titan Jewell (6).

Blue Ivy (9) won the prize

Blue Ivy (9) won the prize

Shared rare photos of the kids

It’s not just Kelly Rowland who has experienced the magic of having children. Beyoncé is a great-grandmother and has children Blue Ivy (9) and twins Remi and Sir (3) with her husband Jay-Z (51).

The star couple has been very careful about exposing the children on social media, so the surprise was probably big for many when Beyoncé recently posted a photo carousel of all three children on Instagram.

In the first picture, the pop star and the eldest daughter pose together on a selfie where they make a mouthful for the camera.

Then comes one of little Rumi playing on the beach and a close-up of the hands of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, while the fourth and final picture shows her with her son Sir Carter wading in the water.

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While Blue Ivy shows his face in the picture, we have to make do with the heads of the twins. The reason is probably that Beyoncé and Jay-Z want to protect the youngest children more than the eldest daughter Blue Ivy – who the public has seen far more than the younger siblings.

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