Kendall Jenner: Fans speculate: Did the Kardashian sister have breast surgery?

In the Kardashian-Jenner clan, cosmetic surgery doesn’t seem like a big deal. Khloé Kardashian (37) has long made no secret of her nose surgery and her sisters Kim Kardashian (41) and Kylie Jenner (24) have also changed a lot in recent years, which is probably not just due to advancing age.

Now the second youngest sister of the extended family, Kendall Jenner (26), could also have gone under the knife. Because in the latest photos, the model can be seen with an unusual chest size. Many fans are therefore wondering whether Kylie Jenner’s big sister has undergone breast augmentation.

Kendall Jenner presents herself with a lush bust

The rumors don’t seem to bother the 26-year-old. On the contrary: on her Instagram account, the beauty likes to show herself lightly to undressed – in some photos she only has her hands on her chest. Other shots reveal that she doesn’t necessarily believe in bulky bras.

The Kardashian sister wore a see-through top at the Met Gala

Even her fabulous Prada dress for the Met Gala 2022 at the end of April left hardly any questions unanswered. The model wore a see-through top with a huge black balloon skirt, which once again emphasized her bust size.

Kendall’s only “problem area”: ​​the toes

So far, Kendall Jenner has always denied possible cosmetic interventions. Nevertheless, the supermodel’s appearance is of course in the foreground: one of her Instagram posts was recently about her toes, which Kendall indirectly described as her problem area. For a photo that shows her in a skin-tight dress with open sandals, she jokingly wrote: “I block all comments about my toes.”

Her sisters couldn’t help but comment. “I love your giant toes,” Khloé wrote. Kylie also joked: “I love her”.