The march of Teresa Rodrguez of the controls of Podemos in Andaluca mean a greaterleft atomizationIn the autonomous community, if the project of the Cadiz leader is announced, announced this morning, of forming a political party outside the purple formation and of the hand of the Anti-Capitalist sector, the internal group that takes over the current direction of the organization in Andalusian

Although in their environment they avoid talking about candidacies – the Andalusian elections do not play until the end of 2022 -, some sources consulted by EL MUNDO point out that they are the mayor of Cdiz,Jos Mara GonzlezKichi, who, when the time comes, took the step forward to lead the new formation and become the headliner of the party. His projection inside and outside of Cdiz makes him one of the most important assets of that project, once Teresa Rodrguez (who is her partner and with whom she had a girl last year) has announced on several occasions that she will leave the first political line and will return to its position of professor of institute when the Andalusian legislature concludes.

To boost the new party, Teresa Rodrguez intends to use the brand and the media of Adelante Andaluca, the alliance with which Podemos and IU presented themselves to the regional elections, although they will have to overcome the many reservations that are already being raised by their partners of Izquierda Unida, with whose general coordinator, Toni Valero, has not even previously negotiated the announcement made this Thursday. “There has been no time,” he has excused himself.

Teresa Rodrguez leaves, therefore, the discipline of Podemos, although I willgradually,because it won’t be until May when I leave the party’s address in Andaluca. At the moment, it is not considered abandoning militancy. That does not prevent, in parallel, your team starts working on the construction of a new political formation,“an Andalusian own political subject”with the one who does not rule out attending the elections.

“Be aecological, feminist, Andalusian and working class project “, announced this Thursday accompanied by the members of the current directorate of Podemos Andaluca and the deputy spokeswoman in the parliamentary group, ngela Aguilera.

The still general coordinator has explained that continue to maintain the deputy minutes and remainpresident of the parliamentary groupof Adelante Andaluca, although it does not count on this new political adventure with the complicity of its partners, since the general coordinator of IU-CA has openly opposed in recent months the attempts to break the Cadiz leader.

Teresa Rodrguez currently has the capacity to influence11 of the 17 deputiesof Adelante Andaluca (the rest are deputies of IU) in the Andalusian Parliament and the financing guaranteed precisely by that presence in the Autonomous Chamber. Asked about it, she explained that the budget that Parliament makes available to its deputies “is of the parliamentary groups” and not of the parties under whose acronym they accessed those seats. In the case of Adelante Andaluca, in addition, the electoral ‘brand’ under which Rodrguez attended the regional elections is different from that of Podemos, which guarantees control over these funds and total autonomy in decision making.“We are not going to give IU 11 deputies”,He has said to justify his decision and that of his faithful not to abandon his seats.

The agreement reached with the state direction of Podemos passes, precisely, because Pablo Iglesias is left with the command of the organization in Andalusia and Teresa Rodrguez with the institutional representation and the financing linked to it. The same happens in the municipalities where they have presented with the ‘Adelante’ brand, as is the case of Cdiz.

Teresa Rodrguez’s team, formed mostly by people from the Anti-Capitalist current, therefore considers promoting a political formation from the outside, which in the future may converge, or not, with Podemos and others.organizations of the confluence of parties of the left, but ensuring the ultimate control of decisions and the possibility of having their own group in institutions, as is currently the case withthe tides.

“Our challenge has always been to propose an alternative to the right in our land that does not pass through the PSOE.” The model is, for these purposes, that of En Com Podem, which allows the organization to continue “collaborating” with Podemos but, at the same time, to give Andaluca its own voice, as “they already have Catalua, Pas Vasco, Galicia or even Teruel. ” “These parties manage to put their legitimate interests at the center of the political debate,” while Andaluca, “remains voiceless in Madrid.” Within Podemos, he has acknowledged, “it has not been possible”.

The deputy and still general coordinator of Podemos Andaluca has abounded this Thursday in the reasons for her decision not to appear for re-election at the next citizen assembly, which will take place in May.

His deep discrepancies with the political drift that Pablo Iglesias has given to Podemos, including the decision to enterbe part of the governmentPedro Snchez, have widened the gap between the two political leaders. But, above all, Rodrguez reprimands the federal party executive for her obsession with maintaining political and financial control of the organization in Andalusia, denying the demands of greater autonomy and independence that the Andalusian leadership has been demanding since the early days.

In addition, the decision of Teresa Rodrguez ofdetach from the organizational discipline of Podemoscoincides with the open debate among members of the Anticapitalist movement from other parts of Spain, which could also end its break with the partypurple. Rodrguez did not want this morning to pronounce on that other parallel process.

Mayor of Cdiz “until the last day”

The mayor of Cdiz, on the other hand, has come out in support of Teresa Rodrguez’s project for understanding that the Government of coalition between United Podemos and the PSOE“It is not the best alternative”,when seeing in the Socialists the party that “until now has represented part of the problem in Andaluca”, according to declarations gathered by Europa Press.

“For us it is a priority to build a wall to the possibility of the government of the right of our landthat does not go through the ‘susanismo’,by the PSOE-A, is the opportunity to generatea unit block on the leftto the left of the PSOE, a historic opportunity that we can not miss, “he explained.

Speaking to journalists, Gonzlez defended that “in an organization it is legitimate to have different ideas, not to share certain strategic aspects, and the way in which these strategic differences have been made public is absolutely exemplary.”

According to the mayor of Cdiz, to the “impossibility of co-governing” with the PSOE, we must add“the opportunity to recover in a unitary, Andalusian space”,Solve problems with another perspective.

As for his situation, he has made it clear that he has“a mission to accomplish”entrusted to him by the Cadiz, which is “to be mayor”, which he thinks “to fulfill until the last day of the mandate”.

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