Klingbeil wants more independence from China

Berlin (German news agency) – SPD leader Lars Klingbeil calls for greater independence of Germany from China. “I don’t want us to become as technologically dependent on China as we are on Russia for energy,” he told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (Saturday edition).

With a view to the expansion of the mobile network, the Social Democrat said: “Critical infrastructure such as 5G must be possible in Germany without China.” When dealing with China, Germany must “make our values ​​clear and insist on compliance with human rights and freedom of the press”. Second, dependencies must be reduced. At the same time, he announced that Germany would not reduce its support to Ukraine despite reduced Russian gas supplies.

“We will not be blackmailed. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine, deliver weapons, maintain the sanctions.” Nothing will change about that, “but times will be hard for us,” said the SPD leader. One can see these days that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “also hitting back” with the throttling of gas, according to Klingbeil.

“He lets us feel how much our extensive support for Ukraine affects him.” Putin challenges the unity of the West and Europe, which is why it is so important that Germany acts as one with its partners when pressure is put on Putin. Klingbeil looked back critically at the previous Russia policy. “We assumed that conflicts can be resolved through negotiations and talks. It was inconceivable that a country like Russia would once again act as an imperial great power and want to assert its ambitions militarily.”

That blew the imagination. “We conducted the security policy debate in Germany the way we would have liked the world to be, but not the way it really was and is,” he told the FAZ. A realistic debate also includes considering the worst-case scenarios. “We assumed that in the end things could be settled the way we wanted, that we could negotiate with Putin after all.”

From today’s point of view one has to say: “The Georgian war in 2008, the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the poisoning attack on Alexej Navalnyj, the murder of the Tiergarten – the alarm signals were all there, but we should have interpreted them differently.” must be that it has not heard enough from the eastern EU countries.

Photo: Is mainly built in China: Klingbeil with Apple cell phone, via dts news agency