La Plata: they attacked a Chinese supermarket, it is believed that it was the mafia

“They ask us for money and if we don’t give them this happens”said Sofia, owner of the premises, in dialogue with C5N.

The most curious thing is the fact that the attack was from one Chinese faction to another, so one more episode involving the Chinese mafia is not ruled out. But as if that weren’t enough, Sofia, in the middle of the interview, recited some words in Chinese, to which she stated that she was addressing the mafia.

In addition, one of the merchants assured that, as they did not agree to deliver all that amount of money, which was in dollars, the men attacked them, so there are two wounded.

The woman also assured that she knows the attackers and pointed out that they are half a block from the supermarket. “We know who they are, they had already warned me and yesterday they came to destroy everything.”, said.

In the attack, the owner of the supermarket was seriously injured and is admitted to hospital. In addition, one of the workers also has minor injuries.

On the part of the merchants and owners of the premises, the complaint has already been formally made, but so far there are no detainees in this regard.

In turn, the owners of the premises assured that the repairs and spare parts that it would take them to make to reverse the situation of the premises would have a value of one million pesos.