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LADA Granta FL complained about the careless work of the "officials" while servicing LADA

The motorist is not sure until the end that the damage to the body occurred at the dealers, but he simply does not see any other reasons.

The owner of LADA Granta FL in the social network "VKontakte" shared his problems with other "grantors" of one thematic community. The driver stated that he had found very smooth depressions without clear edges on both thresholds in the front of the car. According to the driver, it’s unrealistic to see them in the photo, however, he assumes that it happened exactly when serviced by the “officers”.

“If it’s wrong to lift a car in the service, then can it squeeze thresholds?”, – a reasonable question has not given rest to the owner of “Grants” for a long time. Commentators on the network explained to him that if LADA Granta FL was incorrectly lifted beyond the thresholds, then the tracks could have remained, but there was nothing critical about them, and these dents do not affect anything: “They don’t even pay attention to services like this!”.

The commentators are convinced that the careless work of “officials” in a particular case – definitely took place because the drivers consider that it is best to try to be near LADA Granta FL during maintenance, in order to be able to personally observe the process: “Locksmith has nothing to do with it is not. I got up – and all right, although there are already well-defined points there anyway. ”



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