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I would like to thank Cecil Casterelli for his recent letter expressing how cruel our society is on farm animals.

I will limit this letter to chickens. When it comes to creating health problems, there are few foods that are worse than chicken. This is a surprise idea, of course. Chicken has long been accepted as a healthier alternative to red meat. But there are huge problems.

Chicken contains about the same amount of fat and cholesterol as in beef. Not lose the skin just a little. Most of the fat is in the meat itself. There are about 100 milligrams of four ounces of beef and 4 ounces of chicken

cholesterol clogging artery that contributes to heart disease.

Chicken is the main source of heterocyclic amines of cancer causing American diets.

As chickens are killed, you see a splatter from one bird to another. The meat material collects in the water baths designed to cool the carcasses. When chicken pours out of the package into a kitchen counter, it is good to remember that chickens do not have juice. It is a cool and dung mix of water that you have to go up with your sponge. And there is still a little more of these remains in the meat itself, soaked as a sponge as it passes through the cooling tank. Cooking chicken does not apply the feces, which may contain round worms, hair worms and tape worms.

These same bacteria are often spread to cattle, as chicken farmers struggling to remove the cumulative manure in their sheds send it to cattle.

Chickens are killed between six and eight weeks old, subtracted at speeds between 140 and 175 birds per minute.

As Cecil Casterelli said in her letter, most people would not think about treating their dogs and cats as farmers deal with farm animals. Both species get the same pain, joy and fear. There is no justification for raising chickens in crowded sheds by recycling ammonia.

We have personal choices, and we can tackle climate change or clean out our fast arteries, or we can do that because it is wrong to put this suffering and courage on people. other.



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