Large-scale storm damage at Plasida’s mobile home park

Charlotte County

Mobile homes in Placeda, Charlotte County were severely damaged after a storm and tornado on Sunday. The National Weather Service has confirmed that the EF1 tornado has landed on Placeda.

WINK News reporter Michelle Alvarez went to Placeda’s Gasparilla Mobile Estates to see what damage remained there.

Assistance from the Red Cross arrived around 3 pm on Sunday around Gasparilla Mobile Estate, providing food and drink for the affected people. This is also right next to the damaged Gasparilla Marina. WINK News has not been allowed access to the marina since it arrived this morning.

After the tornado struck Prasida, the roof disappeared and the house remained exposed.

Bob Nolan was in the living room with his girlfriend when their roof fell over them. “The front wall where the door came to us. The girlfriend said she heard someone screaming for help, so I door to make some space to get out. Moved.

His house was seriously damaged. However, there was one thing that remained untouched. “I was shocked, and I stood there and saw the whole tree, the ornaments, and everything still left in the front window. I haven’t removed the ornaments yet. I did, “Nolan said. “Why and how? I have no idea.”

Andrea Angel drove from Inglewood to Placeda to make sure her friend was okay. WINK News met on Sunday morning while she was waiting outside the house. “I have to stay here, and I know she’s there alone,” Angel said.

“Her roof is now completely off her trailer. Her inner roof is preparing to collapse in her house,” Angel said.

The angel was able to pass through the entrance, but was not open to the public.

Todd Dunn is a spokeswoman for Charlotte County Fire and EMS. “The power company is back trying to restore power, and as I said, inspectors are there to see what’s safe and what’s not.” Said Dan.

The EF1 tornado landed along Gasparilla Road, but 90 people were the cause and no injuries were reported.

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