last chance to acquire Apple’s star product

on May 11, 2022 at 2:38 p.m.

May 11, 2022 at 2:33 PMKillian Bonamy

It’s the end of an era. One of Apple’s flagship products will disappear forever, and it is its legendary MP3 player: the iPod.

Marketed since 2001, l’iPod was originally intended to extend the sphere of influence of the Apple brand, whose sources of revenue came almost exclusively from its computers. It is only by the force of a major marketing campaign carried out with a master hand that the Apple brand has seen the popularity of iPods explode.

To a degree that it probably did not expect to reach, since the sale of this product specialized in listening to music has reached 40% of the company’s turnover in 2006. A resounding success which testifies to the fact that the iPod greatly participated in the creation of this overwhelming dominance of Apple in the high tech sector, just like the iPhone or the Mac.

The reasons for the decline of the iPod

Despite the undeniable supremacy of the iPod in the niche market that the MP3 represents, several factors explain the decline of successive models. Starting with an upheaval in consumer habits, generated by the arrival of streaming listening platforms such as Spotify, Deezer or Napster to cite just these examples.

If the streaming giants helped make the gadget we thought was obsolete essential in the early 2000swe can say that Apple somehow shot itself in the foot, by directly competing with the appearance of the iPhone in 2007.

iPod Classic 5th Generation Amazon

The iPhone took the iPod in its wake

Even if the expression is a little badly chosen for the moment, since this choice ended up being more than profitable economically. But it is true to say that this new technological gem has overshadowed it, even to the point that its functionalities have totally eclipsed, even ousted those of the iPod, lethus relegating to the background.

The last key element to take into account in this decline is undoubtedly the lack of modernization brought to iPods, while at the same time, the other equipment offered by Apple stood out precisely thanks to very innovative characteristics.

The iPod Mini, Shuffle and Nano are already gone

This gradual decline in interest in iPods had already been initiated by the predecessors of the version Touch, which remained until then the only one to survive somehow. Except that, the commercial reality has come to catch up with the decision-makers of the brand Applewho thus saw themselves obliged to pursue a process initiated since the disappearance of the iPod classic in 2014.

The Nano et Shuffle will soon suffer the same fate by joining him in the cemetery of objects left abandoned by the founders of the multinational. So it was only a matter of time before the iPod finally definitely put both feet in the grave.

iPod Shuffle Amazon

The date of May 10, 2022 will thus remain forever in history as that of the cessation of marketing of the last surviving iPod: the Touch model.

iPod Touch 32 Go Amazon

Last straight line for iPod nostalgics

Once we have given this information, what should we take away from it?

Quite simply that those who have the ambition to buy one before it is no longer possible will have to be reactive. Even if the various iPods will remain available for sale “while stocks last” in multiple brands, not sure you can catch one in flight though.

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Whether it is to use it in the first sense of the term, to keep it to complete your collection of gadgets of all kinds, or to keep the vestiges of the past intact, do not hesitate to quickly consult e-commerce sites such as Boulanger, Fnac or Rakuten in order not to miss the boat.