The headlines from Erdogan’s comments are as follows:


Of course, we will gradually start the return to normal life. However, we should never forget this fact. Nothing in our country will return to the old order. It is not clear when to use drugs to cure the disease.

We will return normally, but this will be a new normal. Although the restrictions are reduced, measures will continue. Measures regarding mask use and meticulousness will continue.

It is still unclear when international trips will open. It is unknown what kind of a picture we will face in the global economy. In the light of all these facts, we prepared a normalization plan.

We prepared in line with the expectations of our people and the recommendations of our ministries and scientific committee. This calendar does not mean a return to our life in March.

Our citizens over 65 and under 20On the days of our restriction of going out in the first place, we bring it with limitations within 4 hours walking distance. 11 am to 15 pm on Sunday, May 10 we perform between.

We will apply this stretch in two groups under the age of 20. 0-14 age group can be taken out on Wednesday, May 13 from 11 to 15 o’clock. On Friday, May 15, he will be able to get air at the same time between the ages of 15 and 20. Depending on the situation, we will continue the same practice in the following weeks. We continue our curfew application.

As of this night, we are ending the entrance and exit limitation with 31 for our 7 provinces. Antalya, Mersin, Muğla, Aydın, Erzurum, Hatay, Malatya. We will decide according to the developments every week.

Entry and exit ban in our other 24 provinces Extended for 14 days.

Businesses such as barbershops, hairdressers and beauty salons will be operational on May 11.

Provided that the rules determined by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Trade are followed shopping malls will start to serve as of May 11.


As part of the normalization process, we plan to allow the surgical mask and cloth mask sales, which we have not allowed to sell in the market so far, to reach where it can be easily reached. We will prevent the victimization of our people by determining a top price according to the mask.


Our Head of Religious Affairs will also decide to meet with the countries for Hajj. Because Islamic countries have to make joint decisions.

Military-related activities will resume on June 1, summons services on June 5, and military services with remuneration on June 20.


We determined the steps we took in the training in line with the recommendations.

YÖK institutions exam June 27-28At LGS on June 20, the Military student exam June 14It will be held in. Universities will return to the academic calendar on June 15.

Courthouses will start trials and other practices on 15 June.

Single-double plate application will end on May 5th.

If we keep the rules in the guidelines prepared by the Ministry of Health at the highest level, the normalization process will be further accelerated. However, if the rules are not followed, we can resort to more severe measures.

This is what suits the ummah of a prophet who advises not to go to the place where the epidemic is, and if there is an epidemic to the place of residence. Let’s not forget that we can never be the same in any way. I hope it will lead to a new shaking, a new resurrection.


This fascist mentality, which can not digest the superiority of national will, democracy, right, law, justice, ballot box, is still burning with the yearning of coup and junta. The picture that emerges when we put the statements of CHP executives one after another says this.

Instead of coming to power with democratic methods, those who are thinking of extorting the country’s rule by coup, insist despite the lesson on July 15. What has been said in the past week shows that the sick mentality in front of us will never prosper.

No politics is made by lying constantly, no politics is made by slander people. Politics cannot be made with words made without considering the political, social and economic consequences.

While we encourage women and young people to participate more effectively in political decision-making mechanisms, we can never allow such bad examples. Improving the quality of politics is through liquidating this dirty mentality.

Do not bother on the ground. The Turkish nation does not remove it from the ballot box, nor does it challenge the coup plotters you lean on. Because you are definitely not national, your locality is also discussed. You are not respectful of this people’s culture. How many defeatists, perverts, and defeaters you have been with in this country.

You are like creatures fed by pain and fighting. You do not have the slightest benefit to this nation, and there is no limit to the damage you have caused. You are using every misfortune to this.

Terrorists attack our soldier and make up a thousand lies to show the high number of martyrs. We carry out operations against terrorists across the border, you stand next to bloody dictators.

In any matter especially for the good of our country, you did not need to hold the truth or tell the truth in your father. You use every service we work with, but extend your poisonous tongue to it.

Just as humanity will beat Covid-19, our nation will bury this mentality in history. In Turkey, while fighting with one hand and shortages that led to the outbreak of a pandemic, a time when we follow developments regarding the security of our nation.

The terrorist organization is trying to turn this process into an opportunity to increase its attacks. We do not allow for the preparation of action of the sword-leftover terrorists who still exist, although their numbers have decreased in our country. Our security forces follow them uninterruptedly, and when they find it, they descend to the top.

According to the course of the developments, we can take new steps.

In Libya, the Putschist Hafter entered a period of decline. The efforts of the countries that provide unlimited weapons will not be enough. We will receive good news in Libya soon.


We have reached an important turning point in the Covid-19 outbreak. Turkey has conducted the fight against the epidemic 4 main destination. These are physical contact, health supplies, failure of basic needs and continuing public order.

Our new patient number is now expressed in thousands of figures, the number of intensive care units and device-dependent patients is decreasing. The number of patients recovering increases exponentially. As a result of the devoted efforts of all our healthcare professionals, there were no bad events in our hospital that bleed conscience.

We have taken all the steps consciously and resolutely. We made the decisions with the recommendations and evaluations of the Scientific Board.

Education at schools was suspended on time. We have completely stopped or limited the activities of businesses where people are together. We recommended that worship be performed at home. We provided home working model in all sectors. We have significantly reduced human mobility within the country. We prepared support programs.

We provided additional cash assistance to those who are entitled to social benefits. We provided 1000 lira of aid to 4 million 400 thousand citizens.

Studies on the third support program continue.

1 billion 910 million pounds “We’re Enough us Turkey” was made to help the campaign.

Our campaign continues. While doing these in our country, we did not neglect our citizens abroad.

We brought nearly 65 thousand citizens to our country. By keeping these citizens in their quarantine for 14 days in the dormitories, by sending them to their homes, we have moved to the importance of carrying diseases across our borders.

From the mask to the jumpsuit, from the diagnostic kit to the respirator, we were not only self-sufficient but we helped 57 countries. Finally, we also donated Somalia from our own devices. It was put into service as the first devices of Somalia. We have sent to many countries, especially the USA, and we send it.

We continue drug and vaccine development studies in cooperation with the international community. We attended the meeting today and shared our opinions on this matter with the world.

The curfew limitation that we brought over the age of 65 and under 20 significantly prevented the spread of the outbreak. We know that the curfew that we carry out in 31 provinces is of great benefit. All came to these days as a result of the recommendations of our Ministry of Health and Science Committee.

I express my gratitude on behalf of myself and my cabinet for their support and patience for our 83 million citizens.

We have left 1.5 months behind in a significant part of the measures we have taken. We know that our students, who could not go to school, workers who could not work, elderly people who could not go out on the streets and our youth miss their old days.



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