In the circular the Ministry of Interior published a new type of corona virus (Covid- 19) outbreak As part of the measures taken by the Directorate of Religious Affairs in order to prevent the spread in Turkey, all the mosques and mosques in the country until general concurrence to control the epidemic since March 16, 2020 congregation of time It was reminded that the prayers and Friday prayers were interrupted.


It was stated at the Cabinet meeting, which was chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday, that the measures to be taken for opening mosques and mosques to be worshiped were evaluated, and it was stated that, according to the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, it is possible to perform lunch, afternoon and Friday prayers with the congregation in mosques on Friday, 29 May 2020. . The circular stated the following statements;

* Only the afternoon, afternoon and Friday prayers will be performed with the congregation in mosques and masjids. At other times, mosques and masjids will be kept open for those who want to perform individual prayers.

* Citizens who are covered by the curfew and those with symptoms of illness will be informed about the necessary warnings about staying in their homes.


* According to the meteorological and seasonal conditions, primarily the mosque garden, courtyard, open areas, noon and afternoon prayers can be performed within the mosque. Friday prayers will not be performed in the mosque.

* More attention than ever will be given to the cleaning of all parts of the mosques and masjids, which started to be worshiped with the congregation, with appropriate methods every day. In the cleaning process, the places where hand contact is intensive, such as door handles, will be wiped especially with disinfectant materials.

* The air conditioners and vents in the mosque and masjid will not be operated, the doors and windows will be kept open, and the mosque and the masjid will be constantly ventilated.


* In order to keep the common areas to a minimum, ablution rooms, fountains and toilets will be kept closed. Ablution etc. Necessary information and warnings will be given to the community about meeting the mosques and masjids by meeting the needs at home or at work.

* Anyone who will perform the afternoon, afternoon and Friday prayers with the congregation will have to wear a medical mask. People and people who do not have a mask will not be allowed to pray in congregation. Those who will perform individual prayers in the mosque and masjid will also have to wear a mask.

* Prayer beads, wickets, shoes, etc., which are commonly used in mosques and masjids and evaluated to increase the risk of epidemics / contamination. material will not be allowed.

* The warnings that will be taken regarding the Corona virus and the warnings posted in the mosques and mosques to be followed by the congregation (by providing them from the provincial and district health directorates, mufti) will be pressed immediately to all mosques and masjids.


* People coming to mosques and masjids will be provided to bring their personal prayer rugs with them or they will be made available by the mufti offices by providing a single-use prayer mat. When prayers are performed in the courtyard of the mosque, our citizens will be advised to wash their prayer rugs.

* Parcels, cartons, sacks and straws etc. that pose a risk for the transmission of the disease and cannot be disinfected in all areas to be prayed. mats will not be used.

* It will be ensured that everyone who will enter the mosques and masjid entrances and places determined as mosques / places of worship will disinfect their hands.

* In order to keep the time spent collectively in mosques and masjids as short as possible, the community will be informed that the sunnahs of prayers can be performed at home and the prayer can be made at home.


* Necessary warnings will be repeated for the community to avoid physical contact (handshake, benefit, embrace etc.) and to comply with the social distance rule.

* The interior spaces of the tombs in the mosque campus will not be opened to visitors, and a strip will be drawn at least one meter distance to prevent contact with the exterior surfaces of the tombs.

* In the mosques, it will make it difficult to maintain social distance, such as mevlit, mass food, etc. Catering will not be allowed at events and mosques exits.

* The measures taken against beggars in front of the mosque will be maximized and especially vegetables, fruits, clothing, toys, etc., which are called as exhibitions after Friday prayers. product sale will not be allowed.


In order to perform prayers with the congregation in accordance with the social distance rule in mosques and masjids, under the coordination of Governor / District Governors;

a) In order to ensure the social distance between those who perform prayers, taking into consideration that a person will use an area of ​​at least 60 × 110 cm (the area to be covered by prayer), in the closed areas / courtyard / garden of mosques and other areas to be determined for prayer, Marking will be done on the ground in accordance with the shape sent in the annex, at a distance of one meter from each end of the extreme points.

The maximum capacities of the mosques, the garden / courtyard and the open spaces to be prayed will be hung at the entrance of the mentioned areas in a way that can be seen by everyone. When the number of people inside reaches a sufficient point, this will be announced in accordance with the congregation waiting for entry.


* It can be built in mosques with sufficient garden / courtyard / open area to be determined by the governorships and district governorships (within the scope of the provincial / district mufti offices).
In the settlements where the mosque garden / courtyards are not sufficient, the proposal of the provincial / district mufti will be able to perform Friday prayers within the framework of the measures to be taken in the open areas deemed appropriate with the approval of the governors in the districts and the governors in the provinces.

* In determining the areas to perform Friday prayers, seasonal conditions and factors such as the width of the area and the ease of entry and exit will be taken into consideration.
The mosques (courtyards / gardens) to be determined by the Governorships and District Governorates will be announced to the public by various communication channels until 26.05.2020 at the latest. The closed areas of the mosques will be kept closed on Friday.

* Necessary measures will be taken in order to hear the voice comfortably in the area where the Friday prayer will be performed and to see the preacher by the congregation while reading the sermon.

* The open areas determined to perform Friday prayers will be cleaned / disinfected before and after prayer in cooperation with the municipalities.

* During the Friday prayers, sitting will start from the first rank and this order will be followed until the last rank is filled. At the end of the prayer, necessary precautions will be taken to leave the congregation from the prayer area, starting from the last rank, in order to ensure this order, a “Friday Delegation” consisting of at least five people will be established for the mosques and open areas for each prayer in line with the suggestions of the provincial / district mufti by the governor / district governors. and law enforcement personnel will be assigned.

* The Friday Delegation will primarily be composed of religious officials, male Koran course teachers and mufti staff of mosques that do not perform Friday prayers. In this context, if there are not enough personnel, assignment will be made from other public officials. Also, if needed, members of mosque associations can be appointed for this purpose.


* Friday Delegation; In coordination with the law enforcement personnel to be assigned, the congregation enters the areas to be prayed within the conditions specified in this circular (disinfecting hands, entering with a mask, bringing prayer prayer, etc.), explaining this situation in accordance with the congregation waiting for entry when the number of people entering will reach the specified number. and after the prayer, he will serve to ensure that the community goes out by preserving the social distance.

* The implementation of the rules specified in this Circular by the Governorships and District Governorates, especially in the areas where the congregation takes place within an order that will provide the social distance to the places to be prayed, the community does not enter the areas to be prayed, and the community outside is not crowded in violation of the social distance. law enforcement personnel will be responsible. Law enforcement units will perform their duties in coordination with the Friday Delegations.

* In areas where Friday prayers will be performed by law enforcement units, physical barriers such as accordion barrier, barrier, colored cord / ribbon, plastic pontoon, etc. will be utilized in order to ensure the entrance / exit of the community in a controlled manner.

* No sermons will be made during Friday prayers, sermons to be sent by the Presidency of Religious Affairs will be read without any additions and decals, and efforts will be made to perform prayers as soon as possible.

* In this context; Planning and assignments will be made by the Governorships / District Governorates, in coordination with local administrations and related institutions, in order to carry out the implementation completely. By making the necessary announcements to the citizens, there will be no problems in practice. IHA


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