Laura Lempika injured: big bandage after a “stupid thing”, she tells about her misadventure

Big mishap for Laura Lempika. This Wednesday July 14, 2021, the candidate ofObjective rest of the world revealed that she was injured. And she quickly told everything to her subscribers who closely follow her adventures.

Bad surprise for fans of Nikola Lozina’s fiancée. Today is with a big bandage on one of his hands that she appeared on Snapchat. Something to intrigue but also worry Internet users. Fortunately more fear than harm for Laura Lempika who quickly explained why she found herself in this situation. “Silly thing, I wanted to open a remote control to nab the batteries inside. I took a knife to pry and crack. I cut my thumb“, she explained.

Very quickly, Zlatan’s mother (7 months) wanted to reassure her subscribers. She assured that it was going to be fine and that “it could have been more serious“. The beautiful brunette prefers to stay positive. And she tells herself that she is not the only one to suffer. Currently, she spends time with her best friend Manon Marsault and the latter’s husband Julien Tanti. And he recently had to leave the shoot in a hurry because of a health problem. He suffered from an abdominal hernia and had to be operated. He also revealed himself on his hospital bed, after being on the pool table, the July 9th. “Thank you all for your messages of support. The operation went well, I thank all the staff of the clinic who took care of me. I get back on my feet quickly and I leave with a vengeance“, he wrote in the caption.

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