Lea Michele deletes Twitter after online battle

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The reason may be the many negative reactions that Lea received on Saturday because she had not yet publicly responded to the missing of her former colleague Naya Rivera. Fans of Glee thought that was reason enough to blacken her or to rekindle the earlier tensions between Lea and Naya.

Lea also gets a lot of baggage on Instagram. Her account is still online there for the time being.

It’s no secret that Lea and Naya sometimes had a difficult relationship during the filming of Glee (2009-2015). However, Naya always denied that there was an argument.

Lea, currently heavily pregnant with her first child, has been silent on social media lately. That was due to the recent commotion as former colleagues accused her of bullying and allegedly racist statements on Glee’s set.

Naya Rivera disappeared without a trace last week after a boat trip with her four-year-old son. Her body has still not been found. You can see everything about the missing person in the video below.


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