LeBron James is closer to fulfilling his last dream in the NBA

Written in MULTI-SPORT the 17/10/2022 · 10:30 hs

LeBron James, within the offseason, sealed a two-year contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA, which will generate an income of 97.5 million dollars and that he will finish his new contract at 39 years of age, which puts him closer to the main goal in his career: playing with his son Bronny.

Currently the scion of the star of Ohio is playing in Europe, where he ranked as one of the main stars of the American delegation after a spectacular dunk that was referred to by different NBA players and praised by LeBron.

James Jr. ranks as one of the top prospects with the Sierra Canyon quintetone of the most successful institutions in high school basketball in the American Union, which could speed up its path to the Association, because in this organization the university pass is not a requirement.

LeBron JamesSecondly, finds himself on a mission to rebuild the Los Angeles Lakers after a season where they finished out the regular season despite the great performance of the four-time champion and having a constellation of talent in his ranks.

The other great aspiration of LeBron James after his retirement in the NBA

I want to be the owner of a team. I want to buy a computer, of course. I want a team in Vegas“, said LeBron in a preview of the new installment of his television program “The Shop”. James, who co-owns the Premier League’s Liverpool and the MLB’s Boston Red Sox, has insisted of late that he wants to own an NBA team when he leaves the court.

However, the expansion to Las Vegas that LeBron envisions is not among the NBA’s imminent plans for now. “Not true (there is talk of expansion to Seattle and Las Vegas). Maybe some in the league will talk about a potential expansion after the 2024 season. At some point this league will expand, but not right now,” Adam Silver said at a press conference last Thursday prior to the start of the Finals. league between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors.

These statements of LeBron arrive a week after the Los Angeles Lakers star became the first NBA player active that amasses a fortune of more than a billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine, which compiles the lists of the richest in the world.

The publication dedicated an article to LeBron and revealed that he has accumulated about 385 million dollars playing (in the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers) plus 900 million from his advertising collaborations and other businesses. LeBron is the second professional basketball player to make the list after Michael Jordan, who made it ten years after retiring from the game. NBA when he invested in the Charlotte Hornets team.