Legal Medicine determined that the death of a three-month-old baby in Valledupar was the result of a homicide

A new twist took the case of the three-month-old baby who died at the Rosario Pumarejo Hospital in Valledupar on January 21, when it was determined who died as a result of a severe beating of which he was the victim, to which is added a serious blow to his head with a blunt object.

This was ruled by the Institute of Legal Medicine after completing the necropsy analysis of the body of the little boy which was delivered since January 24, 2023 to his relatives.

Ronald Calderón, director of the Prosecutor’s Office in Cesar, specified that the entity was able to establish, in addition, that the blows were not accidental, since the other injuries They would also have been caused by a blunt object. both on his neck. as on the back, according to the same opinion delivered by the Institute of Forensic Sciences.

“The homicide of the three-month-old baby occurred in a context of child abuse, so we are talking about a culpable homicide before the reprehensible case of beating of which he was a victim. It should also be noted that we rule out that she was a victim of sexual violence, ”he specified.

“We are refining our investigative line to determine who was with the baby in the midst of this reprehensible act, in order to determine the perpetrators and issue the pertinent arrest warrants,” Calderón said.

Added to the sad chapter that was recorded in Cesar, is also a complaint filed by the baby’s mother for domestic violence, which could be linked to the death of the baby on January 21 at the Rosario Pumarejo Hospital in Valledupar.

The death of the three-month-old baby became the second homicide committed against minors so far this year in Valledupar. The first victim was the seven-month-old baby who died of suffocation inside a vehicle parked at a motel, while her parents were having a sexual encounter.

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