LEGO X Marvel’s new 590 blocks restore the “Infinite Gloves”

LEGO recently announced the latest building block product in collaboration with Marvel, the Infinity Gauntlet Infinity Glove consisting of 590 building blocks. This building block set numbered 76191 restores the height of the infinity glove that can make half of the world’s population disappear with just a flick of the finger in the movie.

LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet is about 31.9cm tall and 12.7cm wide after assembly. The main body of the glove is made up of golden yellow and different curved building blocks, and is equipped with 6 transparent building blocks, which represent the infinite gems collected by Thanos. Although it is not possible to put the hand in the infinite glove, the joints of the glove can be adjusted to make finger gestures.

LEGO also carefully prepared the creation for the display, with the words Infinity Gauntlet on it, and the price of $69.99 (about 544 Hong Kong dollars) is not too far off the ground, I believe the Fans of “Avengers” should receive the goods.

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