The five stations of the Léman Express now broadcast art. Travelers can admire works of moving images on the big screen. The Mire project is managed by the Cantonal Contemporary Art Fund of Geneva. It was inaugurated on Monday.

Thirteen videos were selected. Some are special orders, others come from Geneva public collections. The programming will be renewed over a period of 10 years, said the head of the Geneva Contemporary Art Fund Diane Daval to the media.

The choice to broadcast moving images instead of opting for other forms of artistic expression is not innocent. Geneva has played a pioneering role in the field of video art, said Ms. Daval. The Center for the Contemporary Image, between 1985 and 2009, was interested among the first in these artists of a new genre.

The institution had made a name for itself with its Biennial of the moving image. The event was resumed and is now organized by the Center for Contemporary Art. The screens available in the Léman Express stations will allow the event, organized every two years, to shine in public space.

Reach a large audience

The idea of ​​exhibiting art in the five new RER stations of Lancy-Pont-Rouge, Lancy-Bachet, Genève-Champel, Genève-Eaux-Vives and Chêne-Bourg emerged in 2017, when the stations were still under construction. The ambition is to offer a large audience proximity to contemporary art.

It is about reaching out to the population with audiovisual works. And a train station is a suitable place to do it. It is a public space which is a place of transit and movement, noted the Geneva State Councilor Thierry Apothéloz, in charge of the department of social cohesion.



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