Lens publishes a video montage to denounce the arbitration in Brest

After the draw in Brest (1-1) on Sunday, the Lensois quickly pointed to the arbitration, failing according to them. They focused on three questionable actions: a penalty not whistled in their favor, an offensive hand on the Brest goal and the absence of a card for Lees Melou after a tackle which injured Deiver Machado.

“That there is debate on the penalty for us, why not. But on the action of the Brest goal, there is a hand (by Pierre Lees-Melou) who takes the ball in the opposite direction, an offensive hand that must be whistled, it was notestimated the manager of the Sang et Or, Franck Haise. Finally, I have a player in the emergency room on a tackle that I consider very borderline, which is worth at least a yellow, while the player (encore Lees-Melou) had already taken a yellow. » As a reminder, the rules of video arbitration do not provide for intervention for a possible yellow card.

RC Lens added a layer of this on Monday by publishing a video compiling the three contested actions, with a humorous tone but with a clear objective: to point out refereeing errors and regret the non-intervention of the VAR. On a format borrowed from the duo Kad and Olivier, the artesian club puts forward a “forgotten VAR compilation” and invents pseudonyms for the referee: ” He prefers handball to football, it’s Jean-Michel çajoue”; “He closes his eyes in the surface, it’s Jean-Michel Padepéno” or “He doesn’t like the color yellow, it’s Jean-Michel pasdecarton ».