Leopard chases young man swimming in lake; കൈയിൽ കടിച്ചു; at last?

The leopard bit the young man who was swimming in the lake. The video from Brazil is now filling up on social media. The incident took place in Lago da Amore, Brazil, which is famous for its tourism. The young man went for a swim in the lake on October 23 at 4.40 pm. Several signs were put up in the area indicating that the lake was full of lizards and that it was dangerous to go down into the lake. But despite these warnings, he went down to the lake to swim.

After swimming about 30 meters, the alligator jumped at him. It was then that the young man realized the ill effects of ignoring the warning. He later attempted to swim back to shore and escape. It did not take long for the leopard to reach him. The young man was bitten on the arm and carried into the water, but the young man managed to swim away. The video also shows him reaching the shore and holding his hand in pain. He escaped unharmed.

English Summary: “He Tried To Get Away”: Swimmer Attacked By Alligator In Terrifying Video


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