The unadorned truth

Lilli Hollunder: “It tore me up well below”

Stand, walk, sit – currently Lilli should hurt just about everything. The reason: “It tore me up well below. That’s the truth of a birth, which you don’t think about before.” Even if the birth of your own child is the greatest, the former “Forbidden Love” star shows the unadorned truth about the physical consequences – including cooling pads for the breasts.

But these are not Lilli’s only construction sites. Her newly stretched bladder also causes problems for the new mom: “After the delivery I could not go to the toilet, although I had to do it so badly.” But when Lilli looks her little Casper in the eye, the pain should be almost forgotten for a moment.

In the video: Lilli Hollunder has to cool her “Tit ***”


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