Lily Allen has made an explanation to Cheryl after her infamous, decades-long feud.

In her new memoir, Exactly my thoughtsAllen writes that her own conflicts with self-image and sexual frustration made her feel insecure compared to other female pop stars around her.

"I was frustrated, I was struggling with my own problems around sexuality, I've never had an orgasm," she writes. "And then there were those adorable girls – my colleagues, colleagues, so to speak, and colleagues – who undress and be loved and rewarded with wild devotion, I could not stand it."

"Sorry, Cheryl, I was angry because I had not come yet, it was ridiculous, I met Cheryl because she insulted me after I provoked her, you can see how it can be done, this playground game."

The feud started in 2006 when Allen released a track titled "Cheryl Tweedy," in which she sang, "I wish my life was a bit less dodgy / Why am I always so greedy? / Wish I looked exactly like Cheryl Tweedy. "When Cheryl initially interpreted the song as free, Allen replied in a blog post," Cheryl, I do not really want to look like you. "I was ironic, nobody really wants to look like you, they just think they do do. "

If that Girl loud Singer was later interviewed during an interview with Chef Gordon Ramsay about his comments on the comments The F-wordshe repeated Ramsay's own words about the musician and branded Allen a "Chick with a D ***".

Allen responded in an open letter to Cheryl, in which she wrote, "Cheryl, if you're reading this I may not be as pretty as you, but at least I write and sing my own songs without the help of Auto-Tune Saying, getting undressed, doing sexy dancing and marrying a rich footballer has to be very satisfying, your mom has to be so proud. "

But in the years that followed, Allen had regretted the case and told it Q magazine 2014: "I wish it would not have happened, I like Cheryl, she's good at The X Factor, she's pretty and she has balls, I like women who do well."

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