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For AVOID|January 12, 2022|Categories: Work and studies|Tags: study environment, rest, physical exercise, listening to music, university students, studying, Marie Kondo, motivation, optimism, space organization, procrastination, productivity, academic performance, health, sleep, work and studies, university, university life|

Now that we have just started a new year, we set our resolutions and intentions to do things better. We have the resolution to make some changes that we believe are positive in our way of being and acting. Almost all of us agree on the need to find how to be more productive in just a few steps. In addition to knowing our tips to beat procrastination, we leave you this guide to be more productive. Although you should take into account that perhaps not all the recommendations, habits and tools will apply to you. Be more productive with less effort The desire to achieve has surely passed through your mind. […]


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