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Liverpool munchs Chelsea and takes back power

COMING UP: Beginning of the live: 14/04/2019 at 17:18

IN PROGRESS: Updated Yesterday at 20:06

ENDED: End of live: 14/04/2019 at 19:40

Yesterday at 20:02

What you must remember

Liverpool-Chelsea 2-0
Sadio Mané (51st), Mohammed Salah (53)

Liverpool takes control of the championship
Liverpool had the pressure after Manchester's victory
City on the grounds of Crystal Palace (3-1). But the Reds have not flinched and
offered Chelsea Blues overall disappointing. From the start, the
Jürgen Klopp's men set the tone. Drying, high recovery, projection
forward: all the ingredients were present except the precision
in the last gesture. The Reds corrected at the break this little flaw and have
folded the match in 3 minutes at the return of the locker room thanks to Mané then Salah. A
success that allowsScousers "
to take the lead in the Premier League, two points ahead of City.
If Liverpool does not have its destiny in hand yet, their calendar is a lot
more favorable than that of City, which has yet to face Tottenham and
especially Manchester United in late match. The suspense of the Premier League has perhaps reached its climax this afternoon.

Salah makes everyone agree
So yes, he misses many things, but what player! What generosity! And what talent! Mo Salah made a great match this afternoon as
he has been so used to Liverpool fans since his arrival from Roma. During the first act, he constantly provoked on his side, driving the defender crazy
Palmieri. With his hooks and his speed, the attacker was a poison
for Chelsea's defense. In the second half, he is at the origin of
the opening of the Mané score by recovering a ball in the feet of a player
Blues before perfectly combining with his captain Henderson, passer
decisive. Then, Salah offered a moment of magic to the 53,279 spectators present at Anfield. A hit
overpowered left 25 meters, leaving no chance for Kepa. Liverpool
needed a Salah at his best to stay in the title race. It is clear that this was the case today to the delight of all fans of the Reds.

Sarri's choices ask questions
8th defeat of the season in the Premier League for
the Blues of Chelsea. At the end of the match, the choices of Maurizio Sarri pose
question. Why start Eden Hazard in fake number 9 while Higuain or
even Olivier Giroud were on the bench? The Belgian met all the
difficulties in the first half to get rid of Liverpool's central defense. It was only after the second goal of the Reds that Sarri decided to bring in Higuain, resulting in the repositioning of Eden Hazard on the right side. The difference was glaring! More free, the number 10 has found his stroke of kidney and his twirling breakthroughs. He could even narrow the gap if he had not spoiled two big chances. Clearly the turning point of the match.

Yesterday at 19:32

The disappointment of Eden Hazard, mute today

Yesterday at 19:30

Jürgen Klopp in madness!

The German coach was unleashed throughout the game as accustomed. The man can be proud of his players who did the job today against a two-faced Chelsea.

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Yesterday at 19:23

It's over ! Win Liverpool 2-0 !!

It's finish ! Seven years later, Liverpool regains the win against Chelsea at home and at the best of times! Because with the victory of City, the Reds did not have the right to the error and they did not tremble. Dominating the whole match, the band Salah made the difference in 3 minutes after the locker room thanks to the inevitable Sadio Mane and of course Mo Salaah.

Yesterday at 19:19

3 minutes of additional time in this meeting!

3 minutes of happiness and more for Liverpool fans who know that success is achieved!

Yesterday at 19:19

The hero Salah leaves his place in Shakiri

What a match this afternoon from Mo Salah that has everyone agree on the second goal of the Reds which is very good for the Reds

Yesterday at 19:17

But what does Kepa ????

What a mistake the Blues doorman … On a long ball Van Djik, Mané will put pressure on Kepa trying to clear the foot to the limit of its surface and is countered. The Senegalese can not then arm and the ball goes in 6 meters. BUT CHELSEA IS NO MORE IN THIS MATCH!

Yesterday at 19:15

Liverpool – Chelsea (2-0), the last 5 minutes!

What a mood in this end of the game. Anfield sings to the glory of the Reds who made the difference in 3 minutes in this second period thanks to Mané and Salah. The late repositioning of Hazard on the side has revived the Blues but the Belgian missed two big chances to come back.

Yesterday at 19:14

The slip of Robertson … (83e)

Olala watch Robertson slip into his own camp. But Higuain is far too slow and can not take advantage of this mistake. Ouuu the thrill in Anfield's bays. The action was strangely similar to Gerrard's slip a few years ago against that same Chelsea in a title match. And Klopp exults! He feels his team still needs energy to clinch a crucial victory for the league title.

Yesterday at 19:11

What energy expenditure of Klopp's men !!

Liverpool players do not give up anything. They fight on all the balloons and push the Blues to raise badly. Chelsea has failed to capitalize on his big time and may pay for the last 10 minutes … It will be very difficult to return to Eden Hzard et al.

Yesterday at 19:09

Firmino why not! (79e)

The strike of Firmino? It's not dangerous enough to deceive Kepa. Chelsea share in the wake against but Alexander Arnold makes a great return to ward off the danger in a corner

Yesterday at 19:06

A warrior replaces another

Just out of Henderson under the ovation of Anfield. He is replaced by Milner who also recovers the captain's armband.

Yesterday at 19:04

Henderson warrior stays on the ground (75th)

What game does he make the captain of the Reds! Decisive passer and oven and mill in the midfield, the Englishman seems to have twisted his ankle.

Yesterday at 19:03

The joy of the Reds on the 2nd goal

Yesterday at 18:59

Good corner for Liverpool (70th)

It was well shot by Alexander Arnold but cleared by the defense of the Blues. But Liverpool quickly gets the leather and the English side feast on his right side and address a new good center. Yes, Liverpool has suffered but Liverpool is better for a few minutes. The third goal of this match is going to be very important.

Yesterday at 18:57

Klopp makes his first change (66th)

Keita gives way to Wijnaldum for the first change of Liverpool.

Yesterday at 18:55

Liverpool returns to Chelsea camp (65th)

After long difficult minutes, Liverpool has made the round back and now returns to the Blues camp.

Yesterday at 18:53

Chelsea pushes, Liverpool suffers! (61e)

They can not get out the Reds anymore. The change in Sarri has changed everything and Henderson's teammates are now playing against.

Yesterday at 18:49

Hazard once again close to equalize! (60e)

Haaa Hazard is going to miss his chances … A lot sharper since he slipped on his side, Hazard is still close to reducing the score. His recovery is perfectly stopped by the keeper of the Reds. But Liverpool's defense is now under pressure. The Reds can be happy to always lead 2-0. The success of the champion we say?

Yesterday at 18:48

POST for Chelsea !! (58e)

Eden Hazard finds Alisson's post! His deep call is a model of its kind. Alisson comes out quickly on the Belgian who sees his shot hit the amount. It's very hot.

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Yesterday at 18:47

Chelsea wants to react, corner to follow (58th)

Eden Hazard has found her left side

Yesterday at 18:46

Firmino invites himself to the party ?? (57e)

Firmino's ground-level strike misses Kepa's goal

Yesterday at 18:45

Sarri reacts, Higuain returns (55th)

First change of the match. Gonzalo Higuain comes into play in place of Hudson-Odio. Hazard will find his side

Yesterday at 18:42


Incredible, Liverpool folds can be the match in 3 minutes! What beginning of the second period of Mo SALAH and especially what purpose. His special. On the left, the Pharaoh returns to his left foot and sends a cannonball into the skylight of Kepa who can not do anything! 2-0 for the Reds

Yesterday at 18:39

Sadiooooooooo Mannnéééééé !! (50th) 1-0

LIVERPOOL OPENS THE SCORE !!! What a nice collective action! It's Sadio Mané, very good since the beginning of the match, which allows Anfield to explode! What is Mo Salah's job that steals the ball into the feet of a Chelsea player near the surface. The Egyptian combines with Henderson right side who finds a magnificent center Sadio Mané who alone, calmly adjusts Kepa's head! It's 1-0!

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Yesterday at 18:39

Liverpool besieged Blues camp (49th)

They are strong the Reds in this beginning of second period. Defense attack since the return of the locker room!

Yesterday at 18:36

Anfield pushes!

The public must play the role of 12th man in this second period to push the Reds to victory.

Yesterday at 18:35

Here we go again ! The title may be playing now!

The Reds recover the ball directly and place themselves very high as at the beginning of the match.

Yesterday at 18:34

The actors are back on the lawn!

The second period will begin soon. We expect goals now in this shock that offers rhythm and beautiful movements.

Yesterday at 18:27

The next 45 most important minutes of the Liverpool season?

Remember that earlier in the day, Manchester City won 3-1 on the lawn of Crystal Palace not leaving the choice to the Reds: they must win against Chelsea not to see the Citizens spin in the championship. In the standings, Pep Guardiola's team took the lead of the championship with one more match.

Yesterday at 18:23

The stats of this first period

Yesterday at 18:21

It's half-time! 0-0 at the break!

It's the end of this first period! A lot of commitment, rhythm in this match but few opportunities frank. For the moment, Liverpool is doing the wrong operation of the weekend. Klopp's men will have to be more precise in the second half against Blues who remain dangerous against with the duo Hazard – Willian

Yesterday at 18:19

The last chance for Chelsea (45 + 3rd)?

It gives nothing. The rock Van Djik repels the danger of the head.

Yesterday at 18:17

Three minutes of additional time (45th)

Three minutes of extra time after Rüdiger's injury.

Yesterday at 18:17

Kepaaaaa the stop !! (44e)

On the free kick that follows, Alexander Arnold perfectly brushes the ball to find a teammate at the penalty spot. Firmino touches the leather of the foot but Kepa makes a nice stop. An offside position was reported anyway

Yesterday at 18:14

Azpilicueta first sanctioned (43)

The former Marseille is beaten by the speed of Sadio Mané and logically sanctioned a yellow card by the referee of the meeting.

Yesterday at 18:12

It's over for Rüdiger … (40th)

Blues blow. Central defender Rüdiger, knee injured a few minutes ago, can not continue. He is replaced by Christensen.

Yesterday at 18:07

Salah is well done for Mané! (36e)

Ouuuu Sadio Mané was not far from opening the scoring. On a new acceleration of Salah who eliminates Palmieri very easily, the striker of the Reds seeks his accomplice. Mané's shot goes close to Arrizabalaga's goal

Yesterday at 18:02

Matip is magnifying !!!

Matip and Chelsea's ball loss goes against Willian and Hazard! The Brazilian delays and plays the individual card. His shot is not framed, there was better to do but the Reds must remain vigilant if they do not want to be countered.

Yesterday at 18:00

Liverpool – Chelsea (0-0, 28th)

There is rhythm in this match, it is undeniable. Both teams' plans are well-known: Liverpool is in control of the game and is trying to pass by the sides to get around a low Chelsea block that is recovering fast forward with the speed of Hazard and Willian.

Yesterday at 17:57

Salah's handover for Henderson ??? (25e)

On a long Fabinho pass, Mo Salah plays in pivot of the head for Henderson which resumes in first intention. It's opposed by David Luiz. Corner for Liverpool. The danger is getting closer.

Yesterday at 17:54

Ahhh Firmino feels bad! (23e)

The Brazilian does not feel good shots since the beginning of the match. The ball is once again left side and the center of Mané, intended for Salah is taken by the Brazilian who magnifies his control.

Yesterday at 17:53

First time out of the match (22nd)

Rüdiger was hit in a duel and took a long time to get up. This allows the actors to take a first time after 20 minutes very rhythmic.

Yesterday at 17:52

Hazard is having fun with Matip! (21e)

It is dangerous Eden Hazard … Aligned in peak this afternoon, the Belgian is cutting in his calls. Faced Matip in the surface, the number 10 has fun with two feints shot before shooting from the left without worrying Alisson, careful on his first post.

Yesterday at 17:49

It goes from one goal to another !!! (17th)

Very high level match for the moment. The Reds have their foot on the ball but Chelsea is dangerous against. Like Willian, the Blues explode quickly forward and may hinder the locals.

Yesterday at 17:44

Salah in the surface? (14th)

Big acceleration of Mo Salah on his right side. Faced with David Luiz, the Egyptian tries a double contact and collapses but he is not touched by the Brazilian. Six meters for the Blues who are under pressure in the first quarter of an hour.

Yesterday at 17:43

Alisson repels the danger

Big battle in the middle of the field. The Frenchman Ngolo Kanté gets rid of marking and progresses. Willian tries a strong center but there is no presence at the penalty spot. Alisson Becker pushes back.

Yesterday at 17:41

Fabinho takes over Hazard, touched (9th)

Party against attack, Eden Hazard is cut in its tracks by Fabinho, who seems to be foul even if he touches the ball. Eden Hazard remains on the ground and gets up with difficulty.

Yesterday at 17:38

Fabinho cuts the trajectories

Very high on the field the Reds block the revival of the Blues. The former Monegasque Fabinho has already cut two trajectories and looks good in his match.

Yesterday at 17:36

Ouuuuuu Salahhhhh (4th)

Beautiful inspiration from Keita who finds Mané. The Reds forward center in first intention for Mo Salah who volleyed directly on the goalkeeper. THE TONE IS SET !

Yesterday at 17:35

Not the right to the mistake for the Reds

City winner 3-1 at Crystal Palace does not leave the choice to the Reds. Imperative victory this afternoon in the title race. The Citizens took first place with one point ahead.

Yesterday at 17:32

Big cleaners of the Reds (1st)

As expected, Liverpool does not breathe the Blues and triggers a high dry to quickly recover the ball

Yesterday at 17:32

Chelsea, the Reds pet peeve

Liverpool has not won for Chelsea since September
2016 and a victory at Stanford Bridge 2-1

Yesterday at 17:31

Let's go !!!

This is the 54th opposition between the two clubs. The first leg ended in a draw 0-0. Mr. Michael Oliver, the referee of the meeting whistled the beginning of this much awaited shock.

Yesterday at 17:30

Chelsea's composition: Hazard at the forefront of the attack

Maurizio Sari has decided to recall Eden Hazard, N'Golo Kanté, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Callum Hudson-Odoi, David Luiz and Emerson who were all spared in the Europa League on Thursday.
The composition: Arrizabalaga – Azpilicueta, Rüdiger, David Luiz, Palmieri – Jorginho, Loftus-Cheek, Kante – Hudon-Odoi, Hazard, Willian

Giroud and Higuain are they on the bench

Yesterday at 17:26

The composition of Liverpool: the fire trio holder

Jürgen Klopp knows that the title of Premier League may be played on this match. The Reds will start the game in 4-3-3
The composition: Becker – Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Djik, Robertson-Henderson, Fabinho, Keita – Salah, Mané, Firmino

Yesterday at 17:24

Hello everyone !

Welcome to our site to follow live commented the clash between Liverpool and Chelsea counting for the 34th day of Premier League. Kick off at 17:30


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