L'medical aid'State of new debate

L'medical aid'State of new debate


To get rid of State medical aid (AME), not for reasons of cost, but to take better care of the sick without papers. The member of parliament of The Republic On (LREM) of Charente, Thomas Mesnier, wants to repatriate the funding of this state aid, very much maligned on the right, in the lap of social Security. Instead of being voted on in the finance bill, these credits (924 million forecast in 2018, + 13 %) would be lost in the budget of 200 billion expenditure of the health Insurance.

Aware that such a reform will be complicated to implement, the member is ready to wait for 2019, but would like to slip in the draft law of financing social Security for 2018, presented Wednesday morning in the Council of ministers, the creation of a parliamentary mission on the subject.

Simplify steps

This reform would treat the same way all the poor patients, that they are in a regular situation or not. the ” It is to improve the care of patients, by simplifying the procedures for the administration, the doctors, the users “, explains the deputy.

For the poor in a regular situation, the protection of universal disease (PUMA) to be introduced in 2016 has reduced the formalities necessary for a support. It is sufficient to have resided three months on the French soil, and to earn less than 721 euros per month to benefit from universal health coverage complementary (CMU-C), with the third-party payment.

The conditions are the same for the SOUL, but with more formalities. In addition, the passages of the SOUL at the CMU-C, when we receive his receipt of asylum application, or in the opposite direction when the visa is not renewed, create breaches of rights.

Echoués to the emergency room

Dissolve the SOUL in health Insurance, this looks like a project the PS candidate for the presidential election, Benoît Hamon , who wanted to merge with the CMU-C and Aid to complementary health (ACS). The idea of Thomas Mesnier, who returns to extending CMU-C to illegal aliens, is the opposite of the proposals of the candidates, FN, and LR to the presidency of the Republic, who wanted to reduce, or even eliminate the MEAS to reduce the pressure of illegal immigration on the health system.

Thomas Mesnier is an emergency doctor. He has seen up close the social problems, the administrative difficulties, the state of disrepair of the health of undocumented migrants. It is often the emergencies that fail those patients, who were not able to be treated in the city, because some doctors refused to treat them, put off by heavy steps. This reform would allow them easier access to primary care physicians before their medical condition became critical and costly, considers the elected representative of Charente.

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