Loayza Hospital invites a Great Voluntary Blood Donation Campaign

Lima, 05/11/2022.- Great Voluntary Blood Donation Campaign will be carried out by the Archbishop Loayza National Hospital, through the “HEMOBUS”, transport duly conditioned both in equipment and highly trained personnel for the extraction of this precious tissue, as well as It was reported by Dr. Alejandro Barbarán Arévalo, head of the Department of Clinical Pathology and Blood Bank of this hospital.

He added that the activity will take place this Saturday, May 14, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. outside the Adult Emergency located on Av. Miguel Ángel Baquero. He also specified that the objective of the campaign is to supply the hospital’s Blood Bank with the blood components of this tissue that is so required in surgeries, oncological treatments, pregnant women with complications during childbirth and in patients who have suffered serious burns.

Dr. Barbarán highlighted that from a globular package, up to three lives can be saved; because once it is processed it breaks down into 3 blood products, these are: platelets, fresh plasma and red blood cells, which will be used directly in the treatment of patients in hospitalization wards, emergency topics, observation rooms, areas surgeries, in addition to the intensive care unit, which due to its high demand may be scarce if there is not a significant stock to cover the requirements of our patients.

Likewise, and continuing with the health provisions against Covid-19, this voluntary blood donation campaign will have the due guarantees to safeguard the integrity of the voluntary donor. These include the correct use of personal protective equipment by workers, as well as the use of sterile material for the extraction of this tissue and permanent monitoring of the donor by healthcare personnel. It should be noted that prior to the donation, the donor will go through a selection interview where they will be asked personal questions regarding the activity as well as a hematocrit test in order to verify if they are fit to donate without this representing a detriment to the donor. your health.

Finally, the Blood Bank Service of the Archbishop Loayza National Hospital invites the population to participate in this noble activity, the requirements being: be over 18 years of age, be in good health, have a minimum weight of 55 kilos, have spent 3 months since the last time you donated in the case of men or 4 months in the case of women and not being pregnant.