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"Lokhotron" from "AvtoVAZ"? The taxi driver compared the LADA Vesta CNG and the usual "Vesta" with HBO: Automedia: Vladtime

The blogger decided to find out what is cheaper – to buy “Vesta” with “native” HBO or install it yourself.

The blogger from the “Manage Taxi” channel decided to check whether the purchase of the LADA Vesta CNG is really profitable or to install HBO “with Uncle Vasya” will be cheaper. A motorist drove to a special service and found out that installing methane HBO on a car would cost 43,000 rubles. For renewal in the documents will have to pay another 8 000 rubles. As a result, the cost of transferring the car to gas will be 51 000 rubles. This amount includes a cylinder with a volume of 70 liters, which, in principle, will be enough to overcome 150 km.

The taxi driver decided to compare the cost of LADA Vesta CNG with the “native” HBO from the factory and the usual LADA Vesta in the same configuration, if you install equipment on it yourself. After calling the dealer, he found out that the price of “Vesta” with a 1.6-liter engine and manual transmission in the Comfort version, taking into account discounts, is 667,900 rubles. Vesta CNG in the same configuration is already 722,900 rubles.

The blogger has calculated that the cost of the HBO itself is 55,000 rubles. But he also recalled that by the time the "Vesta" was still needed to buy an adapter.

As he was answered in the service, its cost is 7,280 rubles. This greatly outraged the taxi driver, because this "tube" must be bought separately. Thus, he concluded that LADA Vesta CNG with factory HBO will be 12,000 rubles more expensive than installing the equipment itself. In his opinion, there is no point in overpaying for the guarantee and he considers this a “scam” from AvtoVAZ.

Commentators under the video still did not agree with him. They recalled that in Vesta CNG the volume of the cylinder is not 70, but as much as 90 liters. It is also noted that the adapter in online stores can be found cheaper – for 4 500 rubles. Finally, not all users agreed that you should not overpay for a guarantee – in their opinion, it is better to drive a “legal” car. So to decide, "scam" is or AvtoVAZ makes life easier for motorists, everyone will be for himself.

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