This Thursday, the satellite is closer to Earth and therefore has a special size and brightness. Enjoy the first pictures.

This Thursday, the Earth is enjoying the last supermoon of 2020, when the only natural satellite on our planet takes on a special size and brightness from dark to dawn.

During the night the Moon is at the closest moment to Earth, a phenomenon known as perigee, so it can be seen more clearly and in particular dimensions.


The last supermoon of 2020 in the Alto Valle.

According to NASA, in a year there can be between three and four consecutive full moons that are considered supermoons. The full moons of February, March, April, and now May, are supermoons. The full moon in May is also known as the “full moon of flowers” because it coincides with spring in the planet’s northern hemisphere.


In Argentina the phenomenon had its greatest apogee at 19:45 and LM Neuquén came to meet them to take the first images of the last supermoon of 2020.



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