Lotto draw: discover the results of Saturday, April 14, 2018


Tonight you had the opportunity to win up to 14 million euros! A nice sum to start well the second part of this month of April. It is true that Monday, April 9, nobody had won the jackpot of five million euros, and the French Games had therefore proposed to those who had the good idea to get a ticket to put on the table not less than six million euros Wednesday 11 April . For the more adventurous, it was even proposed a Super Lotto this Friday, April 13 , presented by Jean-Pierre Foucault . What to put all the odds on his side to try to win a good nest egg money and hard cash! ⋙ A Loto expert testifies: “The worst mistake for a big winner is to shout it on every roof!” All dreams are allowed … Are you ready to overflow your wallet of new notes? And even if you do not reach the top of the win, you just need a small number to win a small sum, which will give you only one desire … Retry your chance for the next draw! So dream as much as you want, when one is a lottery draw day, all dreams are allowed. The first ? The one to win! So, drum roll … Here are the numbers that would have ticked to be the new best friend of your banker: 24 – 5 – 49 – 36 – 1 and the lucky number: 7. ⋙ Super Lotto result – Draw on Friday, April 13, 2018 So, are you one of the people who will be able to realize some of their dreams, or will you continue to dream a little? Congratulations to the winner who is in Corrèze. The good news is that the next draw of the Loto will take place on Monday, April 16, 2018, so do not hesitate to retry your chance because do not forget: “100% of the winners have tried their luck”!


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