LSA Lunch Time: Podcast on Purpose Marketing

In September the association’s own podcast series LSA Lunch Time celebrated its premiere in French-speaking Switzerland. In the second episode, Laura Scorza-Wade from PRfact and Priscilla Rossi from the Publicis Group talked about “Purpose Marketing”.

The podcast “LSA Lunch Time” reveals what moves agency managers, young talents and other interesting guests. During a 30-minute conversation between two actors from the agency industry, the listeners gain insights into their everyday work and the current hot topics.

For the second episode of LSA Lunch Time in French-speaking Switzerland, Laura Scorza-Wade, Director Sustainability and Southern Switzerland at PRfact, and Priscilla Rossi, Global Strategy Director at Publicis Group, dealt with the current topic of “Purpose Marketing”. What is purpose marketing? What role do communication agencies play and how can agencies support their customers? Because in a rapidly changing world, it is becoming increasingly essential for brands to position themselves with values.

Laura Scorza-Wade and Priscilla Rossi ask about the role of agencies and the aspects that purpose marketing can bring to the communication world of tomorrow. In the podcast, they also talk about the various challenges companies and agencies have to face in order to maintain an authentic purpose marketing approach.

“Agencies are also there to provide support. It makes sense and fills you with pride to work in the communications industry by contributing to a reflection process on our level and at the same time leading the actors to positive change », says Priscilla Rossi.

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