Lucifer season 5: Is a sixth season possible?

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While the fifth season is eagerly awaited by the lucifans, it is possible that Netflix wish to take its subscribers in paradise by offering them a sixth season. Indeed, the American platform is currently in negotiations with Warner Bros Television in order to offer to Lucifer a sixth batch of episodes. Although nothing has been confirmed, this information appears surprising, the showrunneuse having teased a detail concerning the Final Series. Besides that, several theories continue to flourish on the canvas, each fan betting on the outcome of the series. Indeed, promising to be more than exciting, the end of the show should answer many questions and seal the fate of several characters.

Will we have the right to a sixth evil season of Lucifer with Tom Eillis?

Since then, why would Netflix want a sixth season? After being canceled by the American television channel Fox, Lucifer found renewed interest and success on the streaming platform. Broadcast last year on Netflix, the series has since convinced subscribers, becoming one of the most viewed series in 2019 on the platform. This combined with the excitement around season 5 of Lucifer released from this summer, make that the platform is not ready to let go of this goose that lays golden eggs. One thing is certain, it will still be necessary to wait for the studios to confirm before the lucifans who sleep inside you do not start to stamp with impatience. To be continued !



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