Lynda Lemay concert at the Vendespace: the ticket office is open

Lynda Lemay will be on the Vendéspace stage in January 2023. ©DR

The ticket office of the show Lynda Lemay, Life is a crazy talejust opened.

The concert will be held on Tuesday January 17, 2023 at 8 p.m. at Vendespace in Mouilleron-le-Captif.

Lynda Lemay’s new show lives up to its title.

In an era where we must adapt to a constantly changing reality, the singer offers a show where spontaneity is the star. The artist, who recently embarked on a long journey with his monumental project once upon a time (eleven albums of eleven songs in 1111 days…), promises over the cruise tides of songs that obey the winds of the day, which change colors with the weather.

His chiseled verses dissect with petulance and precision themes such as family, old age, manhood, love, mourning…

Flanked by her prodigious multi-instrumentalist Francis G. Veillette (guitar, pedal steel, piano), Lynda invites spectators to plunge heart first into the depths of the life she tells, at the risk of drowning their eyes a few times. Nestled in a magnificent setting of lights signed Pierre Roy, Lynda and her accomplice shine with all their talents and touch with their simplicity.

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