MAC Lima, within the framework of its 10 years, announces its new permanent exhibition focused on its Collection

Within the framework of the celebration of the 10 years of MAC Limathe permanent exhibition of a selection from the collection, is a strategic project to fulfill the mission of making visible and valuing a hitherto little known artistic heritagewhich makes up one of the few collections of modern and contemporary art with public access in Peru that integrates local and international art masters. The sample, presented thanks to the European Union in Peru and the BBVA Foundation, will have a selection of pieces that are part of its collection; brings together works in different media such as painting, sculpture and installation, created from 1940 to the present.

He MAC Lima has dedicated these 10 years management to research and dissemination of the artistic, historical and patrimonial importance of this collection and to fulfill the mission of making this heritage visible to the various audiences. The history of this collection has its beginnings in the activities of the Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC) that was founded in Lima in 1955, thanks to the meeting of a group of businessmen, intellectuals and philanthropists with the vision of creating a space for demonstrations. most current and cosmopolitan artistic.

In 2013 the doors of MAC Lima were opened in Barranco. Since then, his collection has been enriched by the entry of works in donation and on loan that complement the contemporary scene. To this day, the museum houses more than 230 works.

Pintura “95-XII” de Kazuya Sakai.

With the curation and research of Iosu Aramburu, Nicolas Gomez Echeverri, Patricia Pajuelo and Giuliana Vidarte, The exhibition brings together pieces by more than 30 Peruvian and international artists and highlights the role of fundamental figures for the historical evolution of Latin American art —such as Carlos Cruz-Diez, Fernando de Szyszlo, Olga de Amaral, Beatriz González, Wilfredo Lam and Kazuya Sakai— and it is proposed to recover figures with equally important contributions —such as Edith Sachs, Judith Westphalen o Marianna Schmidt— whose trajectory has not been highlighted enough in narratives about the history of art from Latin America. Finally, the exhibition presents several of the most current items in the collection, which account for the Museum’s program in recent years and its focus on various lines of research developed in recent decades by contemporary Peruvian artists. Among these proposals are the works of Alberto Casari, Mariella Agois, Josué Sánchez, César Cornejoamong others.

The exhibition proposal that is presented in Room 2 of the MAC Lima proposes to introduce the various audiences to the history of the collection and emphasizes the relationships that can be established between works from different periods, throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. In this way, it seeks to build a contemporary reading experience of the works that are part of the collection that the Museum preserves. from 1955 to present.

“Untitled” by Alberto Quintanilla.

This first set of selected works offers the public a wide panorama of how the category of “contemporary art” was understood from the IAC, and more recently from the MAC Lima, to stand firmly in the present, question its limits and understand the demands that these works place on us as spectators. Finally, contemporary art, today as well as that of seventy years ago, is capable of producing a new sensitivity in us when we stop in front of it and force ourselves to listen to what it wants to tell us. The exhibition is part of a larger program of research, conservation and exhibition of the MAC Lima Collection, which has included the publication of a book and a virtual archive on the activities of the IAC and on some works that are part of the collection.


The sample includes a corpus organized from fundamental axes in the history and present of the arts in Peru such as: the integration of Latin American art, dialogue and exchanges with Europe in the context of the avant-garde, the relations between indigenismo and modernity and the reworkings and appropriations of mythical references or visual resources of the pre-Columbian imaginary, testimonies of the violence and crises of our nations.


Sample: MAC Collection
Place: Room 2 of the MAC Lima | Av. Admiral Miguel Grade 1511, Barranco
Season: From Thursday March 30, 2023
Free entry: Only Thursday March 30 | From 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Appetizer: Online one | In person at the museum ticket office


There are many ways to get the best results from your search results, but the most important thing is to find the right one for you Lam, Siegfried Laske, Ramiro Llona, ​​Eduardo Moll, Victor Pasmore, Luis Fernando Pelaez, Rogelio Polesello, Sonia Prager, Alberto Quintanilla, Miguel Angel Rojas, Edith Sachs, Kazuya Sakai, Joshua Sanchez, Marianna Schmidt, Venancio Shinki, Fernando de Szyszlo, Mario Urteaga, Armando Varela, Kukuli Velarde, Armando Villegas, Judith Westphalen, Adja Yunkers. (ndp).