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Macron, the political age

The days follow and illuminate Emmanuel Macron's "Act II". Tuesday, the disruptive youth goes away, Ismael Emelien leaves the Elysee; Wednesday, the old political wolves arrive, Alain Juppé and Jacques Mézard are appointed to the Constitutional Council. Act II is political.

"The moderate right and the rad-soc Cantal: with these two appointments, we hold the two ends of the Macronie. The President is in permanent enlargement », says a counselor. We play experience, even seniority, when the beginnings of the five-year period focused on youth and expertise. The new world was a myth.

We did not necessarily seize it right away, but the big debate has more than one object. Dialoguer must relieve the tension exacerbated by the crisis of "yellow vests", that's understood. To take advantage of the Tour de France to compensate for the glaring absence of his troops on the ground, this is the opportunity that seizes the Head of State. Where does he find the network and "Sensors" which have been sorely lacking so far?

In the traditional political pool, since his elected to him did not know how to do. With each movement, he takes his phone, meets, creates these links that did not exist. Take the organization of the debate for pretext, while thinking of the after. In just one year, the municipal elections …

Contacts at the PS

In Paris too, Emmanuel Macron converted to the professionals of politics. He consults. Nicolas Sarkozy, François Bayrou, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Jean-Paul Delevoye … The boat leans to the right, squeaks its supports, a fortiori when Richard Ferrand, yet come from the PS, chose Alain Juppé for the Constitutional Council and closes the door to Didier Migaud (and then to Pierre Moscovici who was scheduled to succeed him to the Court of Auditors).

But Act II is just beginning. The head of state has not given up spreading a perfume of national unity, failing to do it to the government. He will soon have lunch with the former socialists of the "pole of the reformers" (Gilles Savary …). Contacts, even indirect, would have been resumed with Ségolène Royal. Long work, so resentment is stubborn with his former colleagues of the PS. But work engaged. "From right and left"he said in the countryside. Translation: change, without renouncing. It is the objective.

Cécile Cornudet


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