• 70 million pounds for the hospital injuries and emergency and the transfer of waste plant outside the residential block

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouli stressed that the project of Nasser City is considered one of the most important mega projects in Upper Egypt, where President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi pays great attention to it. It was one of the most important demands of the citizens of Assiut.
For his part, Gamal Nour al-Din, governor of Assiut, said that 1584 housing units are being implemented in the social housing project in the city of Nasser, west of Assiut, and 1440 housing units (60 buildings) in the project of "Sakan Misr" in the city, stressing the need to pay attention to the central services area And insurance. This came during the visit of the Prime Minister accompanied by 4 ministers of the province of Assiut to inspect the new projects. The Prime Minister and his companions listened to an explanation by Engineer Mohamed Fawzi El-Nashar, head of Tameer North Upper Egypt, about the stages that were completed from the project of the city of Nasser, which is built on 6006 acres, where he confirmed that he is implementing the road of the western plateau, Meters and height of 180 meters and creates urban communities on both sides and connects the Western desert road Assiut – Cairo and the agricultural road and the eastern desert road «Assiut – Creams», and «Assiut – Sohag – Red Sea».
He added that Yasser Arafat, head of Nasser City Authority, said that the state has allocated LE 1 billion and 800 million to complete the infrastructure, so the old proposal has been abandoned by digging artesian wells for water as a source of drinking. The largest water station in Assiut has been started to pump water from the Nile directly to the giant lifting station To connect to the city of Nasser, pointing out that the city is designed in a global model in the construction of sewage and water networks to ensure quality.
Eng. Iman Ali, Director General of Planning in Assiut, pointed out that the Ministry of Housing has prepared a global plan for the city of Nasser to meet the requirements of the modern era. The plan includes housing complexes that meet the needs of the simple citizen, which includes 90 thousand housing units.
Dr. Mustafa Madbouly inspected the work of the new Injury and Emergency Hospital project at Assiut University under construction to identify the volume of work carried out, which is the first specialized hospital to receive emergency situations, and serves Upper Egypt from Beni Suef and New Valley to Aswan.
Dr. Khalid Abdul Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education said that the hospital accommodates 487 beds, including 15 beds in the recovery section and 19 beds in recovery rooms. It is being built from basement, ground floor and eight upper floors, costing 300 million pounds. The Injury and Emergency Hospital includes 18 operating rooms, 11 intensive care wards, 3 recovery rooms, a blood bank, outpatient clinics, laboratories and a conference hall. The hospital also houses the Clinical Pathology Laboratory.
After leaving the hospital, the prime minister called the minister of planning and agreed to provide 70 million pounds with this year's plan for the hospital.
The Prime Minister also inspected the solid waste plant in the village of Alexandria Tahrir, of Assiut Cement Company, one of the CEMEX companies, which was designed to deal with 160,000 tons of municipal solid waste annually. The waste is shredded and converted into alternative energy sources, Assiut is clean, and this plant has cost $ 1 million and was started in 2014.
The Prime Minister listened to the demands of the province to move the plant away from the residential block, due to the increasing population density around it. It was agreed with the Minister of Environment to transfer it next to the sanitary landfill, 6 km away. 5 months .
Dr. Madbouly inspected the social housing project in the new city of Assiut and heard an explanation from Eng. Ahmed Ibrahim, the head of the city council. He pointed out that 11280 social housing units have been completed. 648 housing units have been implemented. It includes 2 basic education schools, 4 nurseries, 9 commercial markets, 2 health units, a fire station, a Japanese school and a mosque, and 11 service buildings, including a basic school, a secondary school, a nursery, an ambulance and a police station, a mosque, a youth center and 3 playgrounds and a bakery.
The University Hospital in Assiut El-Jadeeda, which cost about 33.6 million pounds, visited 71 beds, comprising five operating rooms, emergency wings, clinics, as well as buildings attached to the hospital. The hospital also includes a university team with medical staff, nurses and technicians. Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Orthopedics, Women, Dentistry, Diagnostic Radiology and Diagnostics to provide medical services to the city's residents.
The Prime Minister, in his visit to Assiut Governorate, accompanied by the ministers of education, higher education, local development and the environment, inspected the new Al-Walidiyah water plant, which started operation and operates a capacity of 600 liters / second as a preliminary stage, The project will cost 215 million pounds and will serve 211,000 people in Al Waleediya and 9 neighboring villages of Manqbad, Adar, Bahij, Salam, Bani Hussein, Nagaa Abdul Rasoul, Nagaa Sabaa, Nagaa Al Issawiya and Al Hassani.
At the end of the tour, Medbouli said in statements to the governorate's Diwan that the selection of Assiut to be his first visits to the provinces, came in view of the importance of this province, and its potential strength, as it has two new cities, which was a dream for the people of Assiut, pointing out that the end of January, The end of the hill road, at a cost of close to one billion pounds, will be the first phase of the city suitable for housing in 2020, and coordination with the Minister of Higher Education to establish a technological university.
The Prime Minister also commissioned the development and upgrading of the road connecting the cities of Assiut and Assiut El Jadidah to be three lanes, so as to facilitate the transition from and to the two cities, thus contributing to the development of new Asyut and the depletion of the population density in Assiut.
The Prime Minister listened to the demands of the parliamentarians for the governorate of Assiut, which included interest in drinking water and sanitation projects and attention to the medical facilities in the governorate. They also called for attention to the cultural activity in the governorate and supporting the cultural and material deficiencies.
The deputies complained about the delay in the operation of the sewage project in the center of Sadafa and Ghaniaim, where the Prime Minister asked the official of the National Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitation to determine the schedule of operation, which said that the operation will take place within two months, the MP thanked the Prime Minister.
The deputies raised the problem of not receiving the cotton crop from the farmers despite the increase in productivity this year. Immediately, the prime minister called the Minister of Agriculture, who confirmed that the committee will start receiving the crop from the farmers next week.

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