Maduro attacked “a cowardly left” after criticism from Castillo and Boric

Nicholas Maduro, President of Venezuela, had contact with the program “Con El Mazo Dando” on Friday night, within the framework of the celebration of the fifth Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), an opportunity in which responded to criticism from Pedro Castillo and Gabriel Boric.

On the occasion, Maduro said that “every day out there A cowardly left has emerged that bases its discourse on attacking the Bolivarian model” and in attacks towards his figure, as indicated Third.

“They have no morals, they have no level to attack the Bolivarian revolution, that cowardly left is a defeated, failed left, a cowardly left in the face of imperialism, against the oligarchies,” Maduro added in the telephone contact.

In this way, he questioned those who “repeat the lies of imperialism and the Colombian drug-trafficking oligarchy, repeat the lies of Álvaro Uribe and Iván Duque from a supposed progressive left“.

The statements of the Venezuelan president took place after knowing some proposals about the country of the President-elect Gabriel Boric and the president of Peru, Peter Castle.

At the beginning of February, in an interview with a Uruguayan media outlet, Boric maintained that in Venezuela “certainly The siege that the United States has had has an impact, but there has also been a setback in democratic conditions and why say the economic conditions of life”, in the context of a conversation with former president José Mujica.

peter castlemeanwhile, in an interview in CNN registered at the end of January, noted that plans to develop “a true democratic and open model with Peruvians”, after being consulted if countries like Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela suffered from dictatorships.

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Although the president evaded the answer, he pointed out, when asked if he was “part of the problem” regarding the accusations of human rights violations by those regimes, “I am not part of that. And I would not like Peru to become one of those models”.

It should be noted that the PSUV Congress will be held on March 5, and in this regard Maduro assured that they seek to “guarantee that the largest number of leaders, leaders, leaders and special guests from Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, the United States, the world”.

The foregoing, in order for them to see “the truth of Venezuela”, since he accused that “every day there is a campaign against Venezuela”.