Main export destination for handicrafts was the US in 2022

Peruvian handicraft shipments reached US$42,608,000 in 2022, reflecting a slight growth of 3.2% compared to 2021 when they reached US$41,298,000, mainly due to increased demand from the US market, its main buyer, reported the Manufacturing Management of the Exporters Association (ADEX).

The union’s Manufacturing Manager, Melissa Vallebuona Peña, highlighted the resilience of companies in the sector to face the current political and social crisis that afflicts the country, taking into account that crafts are an activity closely linked to tourism, a segment that has been hit hard in the last years.

“Although the figure shows a slight increase, we are optimistic for 2023. We trust that this year the rise will be much higher, it is a very big challenge given the current situation, but from ADEX, close to turning 50, we will be supporting with proposals, new activities and support for the artisanal exporting community”, he asserted.

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Around the world

According to figures from the ADEX Data Trade Commercial Intelligence System, the US led the shipments of Peruvian crafts by adding US$ 27 million 084 thousand last year, showing a 3.7% increase in demand and concentrating 63.6% of the total.

The products with the highest orders in this country were sweaters, dolls and blankets, while those with the greatest evolution were marble ornaments (1837%), cotton coats for girls or women (1800%) and wool vests (489% ).

Despite falling -37.3%, Germany positioned itself in second place by adding US$ 2,512,000, accumulating 5.9% of the total. They completed the top ten Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Chile, Switzerland, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and China, reaching a total of 44 markets.

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The exporting union highlighted the dynamism of other destinations that, although they do not represent greater amounts, demonstrate the great acceptance of Peruvian crafts in the world. The one with the highest growth was Brazil with 1,579%, importing mainly acrylic sweaters (for the first time) and wool sweaters.

Another destination with potential was Spain, which increased 462% compared to 2021. Acrylic sweaters, fine fur sweaters and fine fur cardigans were the most purchased. Switzerland, with a positive variation of 90.6%, stood out for its orders for fine fur gloves, fine fur sweaters, shawls and scarves.

Finally, the United Arab Emirates (80.7%) requested marquetry, dolls, statuettes and ornaments and wooden furniture.


In 2022, the main exporters of handicrafts were Art Atlas SRL, Andes Textiles Peru SAC, Marga SRL, Kero Design SAC, Collections and Designs SRL, Allpa SAC, New Expo SAC, Www. Novica.Com SAC, Raymisa SA and Alpacottons King Kuntur SRL