“Many took filth”: Dominique Besnehard recounts the setbacks of certain actors in the 80s

Dominique Besnehard saw a lot of people pass by. The series producer Ten percent, recalls, in an interview with Figaro, his work as an agent in the 80s and the celebrities who failed to manage success.

In 2007, while Dominique Besnehard worked for the Artmedia agency, the latter came up with the idea of ​​a television series focused on the lives of actors’ agents. The project takes a few years to germinate. Having become a producer, the former famous artistic agent contributes to the creation of Ten percent, which will ultimately be entitled to a fifth season. The world described in the show draws undoubtedly from the life and anecdotes of Dominique Besnehard. The fate reserved for the character of Mathias Barneville in the fourth season could even be a copy of his experience. “I have privileged relationships with agents, except with the youngest. When I call those I know, they call me back very quickly, out of respect for the wise man that I have become. This does not mean that they are helping me. Since I have been a producer, no agent has sent me a project. It’s okay because I don’t need it“he confides in an interview with our colleagues from Figaro, Monday April 19, 2021.

Dominique Besnehard: “Some have had success and money too quickly, too young “

During this interview, Dominique Besnehard also remembers the workings of the cinema world in the 1980s. “All the directors wanted to find their muse. Beineix preferred Béatrice Dalle to famous actresses. There was one new actress per month. Kleenex actresses. Marlène Jobert had already toured a lot when she became famous. We didn’t give the cover of Paris Match or Elle to a beginner …“explains the one who followed the careers of Isabelle Adjani or Sophie Marceau. According to the latter, to marry the celebrity in a lasting way, it was necessary to have a certain strength. Something that may have been lacking in some of his foals.”To last, you have to work. Sincerity is not enough. And some have had success and money too quickly, too young. I am thinking of Patrick Aurignac and Simon de la Brosse, who immediately plunged into drugs. A lot were taking crap. Both committed suicide a year apart in the 1990s“he adds.