One man claims to have caused a shocking tooth damage through his crippling dependency on Monster Energy drinks.

Vinnie Pyner drank six cans a day to help him stay awake for his college education.

The 21-year-old says he brushed his teeth twice a day but had a toothache and his four front teeth broke open as he bit into an apple.

Vinnie Pyner Image: SWNS
Vinnie Pyner Image: SWNS

After consuming about 45 cans a week for seven months, he became cold turkey – but he was too embarrassed to go back to college.

His dentist discovered that every tooth in his mouth had rotted, he claims, and Vinnie is now ready to get 24 fillings and bits for his pre-haders.

Margate's humbled Vinnie speaks out to warn others against excessive energy use.

He said, "It began as a way to relieve the stress and pressure of my college class because you have to concentrate on arithmetic and coding.

"But I never thought it would be that bad, it dramatically changed my trust.

"The dentist was very shocked to see my teeth and she said it was one of the worst cases of tooth decay and damage he had ever seen.

Vinnie Pyner drank six cans of Monster Energy every day. Image: SWNS "data-root =" / _ media / img / "data-path =" B3XVP46UWEIQOLM2A7C8.jpg "data-ar =" 1.45
Vinnie Pyner drank six cans of Monster Energy every day. Picture: SWNS

"When I looked at my teeth, I realized what I had done, I was in complete chaos.

"I could not attend college that way, so I had to leave because I could not stand the embarrassment.

"I'm not sure what the future will bring, but I hope I can get back on my feet, which totally ruined my life."

Vinnie says he started drinking Monster Energy just before graduating in September from BTEC Computing and Coding at East Kent College.

He said, "It started with three a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I could stay focused during my studies.

"I often felt tired and badly needed the energy drinks."

Vinnie Pyner says he can not get a job because of his smile. Image: SWNS "data-root =" / _ media / img / "data-path =" RDTTSQ4OKVPSVL5FIP4F.jpg "data-ar =" 1.22
Vinnie Pyner says he can not get a job because of his smile. Picture: SWNS

Several weeks into the new term of office, Vinnie began buying multipacks, which increased its absorption and dependency.

He said, "It was cheap and much cheaper than buying single cans.

"But the temptation of having a four-pack and wanting to drink all of them at once has got me through the caffeine in their hands.

"It was as if I had to feed this addiction on a regular basis, and if not, I would have caffeine withdrawal symptoms, such as severe headaches and muscle aches."

At this point, Vinnie's mother Tara begins to voice concerns.

The 46-year-old said, "I noticed that the living space was getting worse as his bedrooms were always full of cans.

Vinnie Pyner undergoes dental surgery. Image: SWNS "data-root =" / _ media / img / "data-path =" 00KFCW8CTABBSFDPT0IX.jpg "data-ar =" 1.21
Vinnie Pyner undergoes dental surgery. Picture: SWNS

"But I never thought it would be that bad."

At Christmas 2017, Vinnie's addiction took control and got two more doses between the college classes, which increased his total to six a day.

As a result, he got a toothache every time he ate.

In March 2018, he heard a crackling noise after biting an apple.

Vinnie said, "I did not think much about it until I had to swallow before I realized my top four teeth had broken off.

"I was shocked and at the same time very worried, the damage looked absolutely terrible."

Mother Tara described the damage as "absolutely shocking".

"The dentist was extremely shocked to see my teeth and she said it was one of the worst cases of tooth decay and damage he has ever seen" – Vinnie Pyner

"His upper four incisors had completely fallen off and you could see his gumline, it was awful," she said.

"As a mother, it was very hard to understand because this addiction took control of his life for the past seven months."

Dentists found that all of Vinnie's teeth had rotted and were told to have 24 fillings and a pair of teeth for the front four teeth.

He added, "I can not do much, much less think about my future.

"I can not apply for a job because the interviewers look at my teeth and say no immediately.

"The smile is the first thing you see in a job interview."

He started dental treatment in September and hopes to return to college soon.

Monster Energy Drinks was approached for comment.



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