Margherita pizza hides a health hazard: the details

The margherita pizza, so loved and so consumed, hides a danger to our health, that’s what it is about.

Margherita pizza (Pixabay)

The Pizza margherita it is certainly the favorite food of Italians. This delicacy of Italian cuisine has Neapolitan origins, it was born from the hands of Raffaele Esposito, who prepared it with tomato, mozzarella and basil for Regina Margherita. From that moment this became his favorite dish and in a short time it spread throughout Italy and around the world.

Lots of people are pizza lovers. From pizza margherita you can move on to many other ingredients to season it and today the pizzas that can be made are really many. Not only as regards the sauce, but also for the dough there are different choices and different solutions. However, scholars have given very bad news, which is that in this pizza there is a danger for our health.

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Let’s say immediately that there are important and beneficial nutrients, but unfortunately there is something that could put it at risk salute of people and create very serious pathologies. Let’s see below what this is about in accuracy.

Margherita pizza: the danger to our health

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Pizza (Pixabay)

While pizza has many nutrients that can provide us with energy, it also has a very dangerous component. This is sodium. A 300 gram margherita pizza contains 2 grams of sodium. Scholars say that this amount is just what every person should be taking every day. A quantity not to be exceeded if you do not want to meet stuff out of hit.

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Of course, a person in the course of his day will not only eat pizza, but will eat other meals. Here then the amount of sodium will go well beyond the recommended limit and this greatly raises the risk to health. In fact, sodium, salt, increases the blood pressure and this puts the organism in danger.

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Therefore, it is always advisable to rely on a nutritionist who can evaluate a person’s health conditions and suggest the foods to be consumed and the various quantities to be distributed throughout the day and week.