Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that distributed registry technology could allow Internet users to access various services using a single account. The blockchain-based solution can become a competitor of the single sign-on (SSO) technology from Facebook.

“I have not yet thought of exact mechanics, but I think that the blockchain can be used for authentication in different services. Abandon Facebook Connect in favor of true decentralization "– He stressed in a conversation with a professor from Harvard, Jonathan Zittrain.

Such a solution will allow Internet users to refuse the intermediary when using credentials to interact with various services. In addition, intermediary corporations will lose the ability to cut traffic.

Nevertheless, he stressed that in the case of the scandal with Cambridge Analytica and data leakage, Facebook was able to block unscrupulous developers from accessing personal data of users, and in the case where the latter can manage their data themselves, it will be impossible.

Zuckerberg added that society needs to answer the question whether it is ready to take full responsibility for its data, because in the case of malicious acts there will be no intermediary who can be held accountable.

He also confirmed that the amount of computation that Facebook is producing will be extremely difficult to decentralize.

Earlier, Facebook started searching for blockchain specialists.

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