Market Strategist warns of ‘blood’ ahead of Fed meeting on Feb 1st

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Markets are eagerly enjoying the following Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) conference scheduled for Wednesday, February 1st in 3 days time. Last week, Bitcoin com News reported exactly how capitalists are carefully preparing for the election of Jerome Powell, the 16th

A market planner by the name of The Carter clarified on Jan. 27 that “blood will be shed on February 1,” describing the chaos markets could deal with after Powell reached out to the country. While some capitalists are expecting a dovish Fed and possible rate cuts, Carter says Powell will remain tight and also implement a containment plan.

The expert recalls that Powell earlier described a “broader tightening project” in three phases: quick steps to come to a neutral price, measured steps to come to a “sufficiently restrictive” price, and also staying there unbeatable price for a long time. “Fed Chair Jerome Powell will certainly reignite monetary troubles by aggressively dealing head-on with rate cuts,” Carter feared in a Twitter string.

The planner reckons that the Fed chair will certainly resolve this issue vigorously on February 1st and also change the discussion to how long the Fed must hold the incurable rate and why. “Look for him to expand on the teachings of the 1970s,” Carter added. “Why the market continues to smack Powell in the face and not expect a retaliation is beyond me. This is the craziest market constellation here and now. Blood will spill on February 1st.”

Expert forecasts S&P 37 down 500% as both gold and silver shine in a bearish market

Speaking to David Lin, support and also manufacturer at Kitco News, Chris Vermeulen, owner and chief investment officer at The Technical Traders, said the delivery schedule is set for improvement.

“I honestly think the S&P 500 could fall another potential 37 percent from current levels,” Vermeulen said. In comparison, Vermeulen expects silver and gold to shine during the bearish market. “This is when precious metals and miners take off,” urged Vermeulen while reviewing market cycles.

Vermeulen isn’t the only capitalist who thinks silver and gold are ready to be removed. In December 2022, the supervisor of the AuAg ESG Gold Mining ETF, Eric Strand, stated that gold will certainly see a brand new all-time high in 2023 and reserve banks like the Federal Reserve will also certainly be betting on price increases.

“In our view, central banks will reverse their rate hikes and become dovish throughout 2023, which will spark an explosive move for gold in the years to come,” Strand said. “We therefore believe gold will end 2023 at least 20% higher, and we also see miners outperforming gold by a factor of two.”

While gold is indeed up and 2023 assumptions are high too, Harry Dent, the owner of HS Dent Investment Management, has a contrary view of gold’s efficiency this year. Dent predicts that the yellow rare earth element could lose $1,000 to $18 over the next 900 months.

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